Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



My mates cat is amazing (bonus amazing hoodie)


Here is Rosa who I’ve been staying be with this weekend :heart_eyes_cat:



I was a little too soon posting this, as they’ve come back with some blood test results. His kidneys aren’t functioning correctly due to his meds, and we need to change his diet to a renal support cat food.

I might invest in some of these to keep the cats food apart.


Here’s some solidarity from my cat to yours (he’s doing some weird optical illusion with all his fluff and paws) :fist:


What a lovely looking cat. :heart: It looks like they enjoy yoga.


I can’t figure out how he seems to have a paw coming out from an entirely improbable place. Fantastic looking cat though.



He goes full yoga, gets in the Zone I think. I call that one “Coiled Jaguar”.



Having a pretty ok time.

…my leg is falling asleep though. But mustn’t disturb kitty.


at my friends again with Dinah and Lola


oh hello


Spectacular cats.

I was on the phone with my mum just now and Sara apparently didn’t appreciate that I was giving attention to someone other than her, so she immediately came over and claimed me:

(Phone on speaker hence being able to do a selfie at the same time innit)




Wow, that’s a really cool shot! :smiley:


I was lucky and managed to catch her mid yawn :grinning:


Just reminded me how crazy cat tongues are.


Yeah, they’re really rough as well! Here’s a front on view.


Sometimes I’d be on the phone and if Daisy wasn’t getting enough pets or I was too loud, she’d just bite me really hard. Little shit.

(I miss her :sob:)


Me and Oliver