Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



love you both


Their new favourite hangout


This guy is projecting strength


She’s a powerful cat :muscle: :cat:


So I went to do some washing up the other night, and, er, he was sat on the windowsill outside. He proceeded to shout at me while I was doing said washing up, so, er, I just let him into the house.

I actually lost him for a bit. Found him chilling under a chair.

Nobody tell my housemates, ok


I wish i could help this guy out. But our two wouldn’t like it. Does anyone in London want to foster a cat for a homeless man while he gets on his feet?




This is the best thing I have ever seen


Just taking a few moments out of my day to contemplate how wondrous cats are


hey ladies


Her first catch. It was getting to the point where I thought she just wasn’t bothered (I didn’t mind that prospect)…but she’s proved me wrong. Didn’t kill it, and appeared deliriously pleased with herself…until I took it outside again (where it presumably died from shock :frowning:)


I’m pleasantly surprised by Tesco Pet Insurance.

Gizmos insurance claim was around £3000 a couple of months back, and this insurance renewal has just come through.

Last year it was £23 a month to insure both Sooty and Gizmo, I was expecting the insurance to go through the roof, but it’s only gone up to £36 a month. I was thinking perhaps pre existing conditions won’t be covered, so I phoned up to check and it is covered as we’ve got Premium Lifetime cover.

Considering his drugs cost over £100 a month, I can’t quite work out why the insurance is so cheap.


My mum’s cat got neutered. Here she is looking pretty angry at the whole thing.

All I can think of is this of course


Monty trying on my mate’s technical jacket


Chill af.


Sometimes I feel like commenting on one specific post in this thread saying something like “that is an AMAZING cat” but then I just scroll a couple of posts down and am reminded instantly that ALL of the cats are amazing :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Friend just posted this - the ones indoors are his cats, the one outside is an intruder!


Mine’s not, he’s a right little prick.

Love him to bits, tho


This how Socks looks moments after he’s leapt into my chest to enquire why I’m sleeping when I could be scratching his head.