Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Here is my parents cat who I got to see today.


Thoroughly enjoying this dickhead


In his favourite box, which he doesn’t quite fit in


My friends have been sending pics of their cat’s new fave box (fao @guntrip)

She falls asleep in it


I flew my cat to Sweden last year, here she is with her passport.

In her flight box at the airport. I felt absolutely awful about the whole thing, and when she arrived in Sweden there was nobody at the customs office, so she had to stay overnight in the warehouse. It was horrible.

But as soon as we got her to the new house she was fine, and a couple of weeks later was running about in the nice big garden and climbing trees.

She has also found a boyfriend now (neighbour’s cat). Here he is, he’'s a really lovely little fella.


turned the heating back on haven’t i.

need to clean that radiator.


met a good cat this morning
seemed angry at first

but it grew to love us


Ha! Our cat’s been camped out by the radiator for most of winter.



Gizmo Update.

Gizmo just had his monthly checkup, and the vet says hes doing amazingly well.

He’s heart rate is back in the normal range, 200 beats per minute instead of 300 and he’s now planning appointments in the autumn when before it was a week or month.

We’re really regimented on his drug routine, as well as special food, which helps i suppose.

Felt quite emotional when the vet told me.

Sooty had a clean bill of health too.



I think I posted here before about the homeless cat that started hanging around about a year ago.
Well today he let me feed him :slight_smile:



I’m so happy for you guys that’s so great x


He’s very happy and getting away with murder. His brothers loving it to as he gets treats while we give the meds.


all cats should be spoilt rotten and treated like little princes



We normally kick Socks out in the morning as we don’t like him being in the house unsupervised (he’s very scratchy). He goes to the retired couple’s house next door when they wake up and gets fussed over there. We didn’t have the heart to leave him in the cold today though so he’s spending his first day in on his own with a big bowl of food and water. I can’t wait to see what carnage he’s caused already.


The one day I had to rush for my train and not pick it up. Typical.


New toy.

The carpets in my house are not thanking me.