Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



This made more sense with the original post I put on fb captioned 'the beast from the east ’


This is incredible


He’s supposed to be from Siberia. I want a photo of him outside where he will look great. He ain’t going nowhere.

He must slink off for a wee when I am out.


Went to the cat cafe at lunch as the TV is working from home and this guy would not leave us alone


This was my cat trying to help me work from home by pushing my laptop away earlier


Totoro is going stir crazy. Hasn’t been out for three days. Really taking his frustrations out on a cable tie that he’s found lying around.


Gizmo was a bugger taking his meds this morning. He seemed mesmerized by the snow.


Yeah, mine’s like that too. Trying to wear her out with the laser pen, but she’s still bouncing off the walls and intermittently making a horrible racket.


GF just sent me this. The heating’s not working and it’s so cold that she’s decided to get into my dressing gown.


Giz briefly ventured out.


Presley is the actual Cat In The Hat.



This is more fabulous than salt bae


I was expecting the cat to stick its face straight into the storebrand stuff, and I’m disappointed it didn’t.


Me too, that would be pretty savage after all that effort though! I suspect the cat has sampled that treat before, otherwise he might stick to the familiar option. Whenever I’ve tried to buy anything fancy for my one she turns her nose up at it.


Back with this great bunch of cat for a couple of weeks


My cat would eat the posh stuff. Then eat the dry stuff, then go off and find my wife and claim he hadn’t been fed. Fat bastard.


My other half was out a couple of times last week. Tuesday I cooked Wild Alaskan Salmon and gave Viktor a big plateful, Wednesday I cooked some nice steak and gave him a plate all nicely chopped up.

Thursday she said ‘Viktor’s not touched his food, do you know why?’


i really miss my cat :frowning: he kicks so much ass, its not even funny.


I want to rub my face in his tummy