Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)




They’ve diohorea’d all over the kitchen again.

Fucks up with these guys??


Might want to get them checked over at a vets.

Mine don’t do this and if they did I’d take it as a sign something was up.


Yeah think we will.

Edit : don’t actually know which one it is though!


Have you left anything with milk lying around?

I left a cereal bowl by the sink and he drank the milk leftover and it made his poo very runny.


We try not to. Maybe they found something. A cereal bowl on the side or something.

They both seem very healthy and active and both are eating/drinking well.

Probably keep an eye on it.

Found a puddle behind the microwave. :cat::nauseated_face:


Maybe more of an indoor cat problem but does anyone else get this thing where any time a door is opened, your brain does a quick scan of the room and automatically thinks ‘where is the cat?’

even at work or watching a door being opened in a film, I get worried a little animal is gonna run out onto the road or something.

Too obsessed with cats sometimes :frowning:


Absolutely get this. Ours is an indoor cat and doors opening and closing is a constant stress. I find that even going into a room knowing she’s not in there makes me think she may have snuck in and hidden. The other day I was looking for her for 10 minutes just in one room though and turns out she’d got into the drawer under our bed. She knew what she was doing.


this is my life


This was just after I got her out. Swear she’s smirking at me.


She looks like emile :heart_eyes:


I’ve been storing up posts on this thread until I needed them and now I’ve gone through them all and it’s really brightened up my morning. I love all your cats! Great bunch of lads/lasses.


these two were having a massive barney about 15 minutes before this.


This is our cat who went missing for a month. He’s been kept indoors since then to properly acclimatise, and he has… Filled out. He was 6.8 kilos when we got him, he’s added a kilo to that due to incarceration. Here he is in, on and around his scratching box. We’ve started letting him out again now, FWIW.


I’m so glad he’s back, even if he’s had a chunky yet funky phase as a result!


I’m worried about Gizmo. He was supposed to have his meds at 7. But he’s totally refusing it, normally give it in a treat. He doesn’t seem his usual self either.

My house mate has a band rehearsal till 11, and he’s impossible to force tablets down on my own.

Not sure what to do.


can’t remember if I suggested this but does he like butter or cream? I find coating it in a bit of butter will help get it down.


Might try that, but i even cooked fish and he’s refused that. He seems quite hot too.


oh no, i hope he’s ok. have you got any marmite? sounds weird but my cat goes nuts for it


hope he’s ok xx


yeah mine too actually