Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



No marmite. He seems to be drinking a lot :frowning:


do you have a cat thermometer?


No, I should do really. I’m hoping my house mate gets back earlier than planned.

I’m not sure how bad it is if he misses his meds. No way can I force it down him on my own. 3 hours late already.


I’m sure he’ll be ok till 11 and you can always phone the vet to get advice x


absolute unit


Sorry my anxiety is getting the better of me.

He’s purring now, but he’s not his usual self.


Have you tried opening his mouth and putting it in? Depends on how he reacts to that sort of thing I guess but I found it much much easier than trying to hide the pill in my boy’s food.


Tried that but hes a strong cat and tries to escape. Needs two really.


appreciate it’s a bit severe but could you use a blanket to make him into a burrito with just the head sticking out? that’s what I had to do with my big lad.

although if he’s overheating probably don’t do that.


Yeah I think my gf and I did it together the first couple of times, but with some practice I learnt to do it on my own. Think if you’re kneeling down and have his body between your legs and then just hold his cheekbones firmly, quickly open his mouth, drop it in and blow on his nose to get him to swallow it should be okay.

I’m sure you know all this…


We do that to cut his toenails sometimes. We also have a big strong tiger.


Reminded me of this


always took the opportunity to walk around with him in the crook of my elbow like a swaddled baby. he loved it tbf.

rip pigpen


We got a couple down him but not all. As he’s due more in the morning we gave up as forcing it was stressing him out and with a heart problem thats probably not wise. Plus pills on an empty stomach probably isn’t the best. I’ll see how he is in the morning and phone the vet.


Vets booked for 9:30. Hopefully just an overreaction on my part.


Back from the vets. His heart rhythm is all over the place again. But that might be due to not having his drugs.

Vet pilled him with ease. Vets concerned about him not eating. Might need to take him back tomorrow.




Stay strong lil gizmo!


what a cutie

hope you’re both ok and have lots of cuddles tonight


He is. Just got home he greeted me at the door and meowed for a treat, hopefully a good sign.