Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



No luck with the pills though, house mate should be home soon. But its not looking hopeful.


Nailed the forced pill giving. Sliced my arm at the first attempt, but I’ve now got Protection and a hoody.


Aww hope it gets easier for you both.


He was absolutely fine with being force fed the tablets this morning. Just sat there and accepted it without much of a struggle.

He seems to be perking up as well, so hopefully we’ll be able to go back to the treat method.


can’t stop thinking about your giant cat


He’s a big boy. That combined with him being black and white lends itself to some good nicknames. Pandapuss, the Bionic Badger, and my personal favourite from when he jumped over me on the sofa, Free Willy.


aw yeah his tail is like willy’s dorsal fin there too. I’m a massive fan of everything he’s about.

we had a big fat cat called tiger, who obviously was referred to as the tiger tank or tank commander and then eventually every time she came into the room someone was required to do the line from fast and furious where he says ‘we’re gonna need another plan… they got a tank’.


Looks like Totoro got into a bit of a tear up earlier in the week, bit of blood on his head/scratch on his nose. Anyway, his head was a bit tender to touch, a bit lumpy. This morning he’s got pus coming out. Not sure if this is a sign of it healing itself, and I should just keep cleaning it. Or whether I should take him to the vets to make sure there’s no infection.


Phoned the vet, they want me to bring him in. He’s a pus-y mess! Gross!

Still, at least his head isn’t as lumpy anymore and he no longer looks like Henning Wehn


Reminds me of the beginning of this. Take a change of clothes.


Haha! I think the worst of it is over, don’t think there’s much left in there. Just needs a shot or antibiotics to prevent/clear infection. Of course, my daughter isn’t going to be too happy when she gets home from school to see little green patches of grim all over her bedclothes!


Do you people have pet insurance? We were offered a policy when we first got the guys but didn’t bother since they were sat around the house at the time - thinking we’d save the money until they were outside cats. Then when we looked again it was massively more expensive. Is it worth doing?


Sooty often gets in fights, and had cuts and infections. The vet just gave him an antibiotic injection.

Gizmo seems a lot more comfortable with his meds being forced down. Although a lot of fuss, cuddles and treats are needed.


Hell yes. Claimed over £3k for Gizmo in the last three months.

Make sure its lifetime insurance as normal insurance is not worth it and conditions won’t be renewed.

Ours was £22 a month to cover two cats with a £60 excess. We claimed over £3000 and at renewal it only went up to £35, and as its lifetime they will continue paying for his current condition.

Its a godsend. We’re with Tesco and they’ve been great.


Will look into it again…


Yes. Worth it for the peace of mind of less chance of having to make a really awful decision if they get sick with something treatable but expensive.


100% this. I wouldn’t like to think what decision we would have made about Gizmo without it. Especially as the vet gave him a very slim chance of making it through that first night.


Back and looking like a right thug! Should clean up nicely but he won’t learn. Stupid cat!


Loads of cats in my new neighbourhood. They apparently come from idiot students getting cats then leaving them behind when they go home over summer :disappointed_relieved:


Oh hi