Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



I spent hours taking selfies trying to get a decent shot for my FB profile picture. Gave up and used this instead. I’ll never be as photogenic as this handsome little bastard.


We have it cause if anything happened we dont have savings.


Love all cats forever x


Aw that’s sad. Hope the other neighbours feed them


We have it because we’d struggle to afford any massive unexpected vet bills. The policy we have isn’t a huge amount, around £10 per month I think.


This cat judged my mortal soul.


Trudy’s criss-crossed paws and purring face :heart_eyes_cat:


Made a new pal on my way to work




My mate hopped out of the bushes for a tickle when I got back from the footie. He likes to jump up on here if he sees you at the front door.




Gizmo has another checkup today, with blood and urine tests which cost £207.
But he’s doing brilliantly, got the results already and the tests are clear, and his kidney function has stablised and one of the readings has actually improved.

The vet was shocked how well he is, as initially it looked like he wouldn’t make it though the weekend, and it’s been 4.5 months since he was rushed to the emergency vets.

For a latest photo, see the Friday selfie thread.

The next appointment is in three months.


This is brilliant. My cats are simply everything to me, and I know how stressful this has been for you.


Yeah, he’s a massive character and a lovely cat. He means a hell of a lot to me.

Just realised its actually five and a half months since the incident.


Latest update: she’s still a bit shy, but slowly getting there. The photos below were taken from the sofa (the top of which is at the bottom of the photo, so photo taken from about a foot or two away from her), we’ve gotten a few videos of her playing with the dangling ball as well (no more though, she’s ripped it off the string)

She also pushed a load of letters and a package off the dining table when we were in the room, so she’s becoming comfortable with being a total dick with us in the same room as well.


I took Gizmo back to the vets earlier as the litter tray way full of blood.


Thoughts are with you, I hope it’s just a minor scare. Always remember that you’re doing everything you can for him, cat couldn’t wish for a better owner.


Our front steps seem to be the coolest cat club in town…

These pair hanging out and if you look closely, a third is chilling under the car.


you two :star_struck: