Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



They took a blood and urine same yesterday, the vet thinks its either contamination from that or cystitis was which they gave drugs for. Will have to check on his pee for a few days.


Sun’s out. Cat’s out.



I reckon the poor, scraggy, homeless, woe-is-me cat that hangs around is actually the best fed cat in the street…

Since he started hanging around last year, the folk who live in the next flat have been putting a bit of food out for him. He always comes up to me and the wife looking sorry for himself, so we give him some food occasionally.
Just saw another neighbour come home and he followed her across the car park to the door playing the sympathy card and she came back out with some food for him.

I bet the cheeky bugger is going from door to door and getting 6 meals a day out of people :smiley:


Reminds me of this absolute G. Think he’s a true wild cat, lots of scars and very cautious but always pops around at 6 on the dot for some biscuits. Love his “seen it all” gaze of contempt:

Then we have this queen bae who usually shows up half an hour later:


We were away for the night on Friday, came back on Saturday afternoon and could smell that one of the cats had done a shit as soon as I opened the front door. Typical victorian house, through the hall, lounge, kitchen - no turds. Enter the bathroom and granddaughters pink princess potty is proudly sporting a turd in a pool of piss. Amazing. Grace looked guilty but didn’t get a telling off. proud


Apparently a cat can be trained to take a dump in a standard toilet, sounds like you’re halfway there.


Fatty cat has been on diet rations. Today was his latest weigh in, and, success! Assuming you like big fat cats. Not lost even a gram. Here he is getting some much needed exercise earlier tonight.


If he needs any pep talk from a fat activist, hit me up

#nowrongwaytohaveacatbod #bodypawsitivity

(I am joking, I hope he’s ok)


I think I need to pitch this to a publisher


Gizmos current evening drug routine,

I’d even struggle to swallow the big one.


Man, it’s hard enough getting even one pill down a cat. That lot… best of luck, buddy, hope your gloves are up to the task.


the greatest legacy of Charles Mingus


He’s actually really good and gentle taking the pills now. He’s only on the big one for a week.


good luck to you and Gizmo, he seems like a good pal :hugs:


catsitting is fun

*sorry, being an au purr (right @DarwinBabe ?)


Possibly the best cat photos to be posted in this thread.


Winnie and Titus. Adopted them as brother and sis just under a month ago. Need to get them spayed/neutered so they can go outside and do their running around/playfighting out of the house - they knocked something heavy into the toilet and broke it yesterday, expensive little fucks :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


I love black cats as you can probably tell.


yeah A+ cat content. catent?

(kill me now)