Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



:smiley: high praise from cat thread royalty!


long time member, first time poster. here is my cat:


I haven’t posted a picture of Mr Socks in a while. Here’s what I woke up to the other day:

I may have said this before but I love all your cats. GBOLs.


I’ve been out gardening recently. Here are the misters observing.


I demolished that exact type of garden storage unit just this weekend!


Bought a pack of dreamies and chucked them in the car for when I see the homeless cat (or my little ginger mate).

I’ve only given him some from the car once, but he’s already worked out that ‘this is the car where treats come from’.

He’s now sitting next to the car of someone else who feeds him.


Meet Nina, my rescue cat who I’ve had about ten years:


Comfy cat:


One eyed or winking?


One normal eye, one wonky eye, caused by something that happened before I got here. You can see a bit clearer here:



Gonna try and get some snaps of that fat cat down stairs


assume cat is name sauron, yes?


Nina (changed from Ebony, which was her name at the RSPCA)

#1676 tho


Six months today that Daisy was put to sleep :cry: I miss her so much


couple of cat related things:

  1. here’s a picture of my boy with his paw in a mug with a picture of him on it

  2. it was his 7th birthday last week. I wanted to find out what that was in human years and this website said that, because he is an outdoor cat, it is the equivalent to 64 human years, and that the average lifespan for outdoor cats was 10 years. this upset me immensely and i cried all over him.

  3. i’m going here on Saturday


We have had outdoor cats since I was tiny, and they’ve all lasted much longer than ten years. Pretty sure the average will be reduced by strays and by the number that get knocked down in their first year of being let out - so once you get to 7 he must be doing something right. The last two we (well, my parents) had from kittens lasted to 16 and 22. We got another from a shelter when he was 14 to give him a quiet retirement, he tormented us brilliantly until he was 20.

The only one that didn’t last as long still got to 14, he got knocked down by a car after we moved house :frowning:


My childhood cats were two sisters who both lived to 19 and 21 respectively. They were both outdoor cats, I don’t think they had their yearly boosters either and we lived on quite a busy road.

Now I’ve got two brothers, aged 6. They go out during the day but have a cat flap and generally stay in, but are always kept in at night, especially as we live in one of the Cat Killers hotspots.

Gizmo is on loads of drugs for a heart and lung condition, is very happy and lovable, but I know he’s probably only got a few months or so left. But saying that it’s over 5 months since he nearly died and he’s surprising me all the time. I still get upset thinking about it, and get paranoid when I think he’s breathing fast or weirdly again (we time his breathing rate every few days).


:frowning: sorry to hear this. Hope your okay, i’m dreading the day when Gizmo starts deteriorating.