Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



If you going to the Leeds cafe, you should ask when you get there if you can get a table at the back near the kitchen/toilets (sounds iffy but trust me) as it’s where they mostly hang out


top tip, thanks. that’s where i’m going.


Annoyed the bike wankers last weekend by letting a cat in to our air bnb at around 3am. In my defence she was a total fucking sweetie.


Oh my GOD that face :broken_heart:


what a bunch of dicks!


It was literally 3am and I woke @plasticniki up to come and see the cat cos I’m a drunken idiot :flushed: Also disturbed japes and aggpass when I had to retrieve the cat from their bedroom :joy: I stand by what I did though. She was such a great cat.


but surely you go ‘omg tilly you dick what are you do-… OMG WHAT A CUTE CAT!!! :blush:


Just realised that it looks like she’s trying to hold hands with one of the otters on my tatt :grin:


Any chance I could join you on our three seater sofa? No? Ok, well I guess I’ll sit on the floor.



Just heard the cat getting out of the litter tray. Went in the other room, scooped her poop up, took it to the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet as usual. Came back past the bathroom a few moments later to find I’d left the door open and she was stood with her front paws on the toilet seat, sniffing a lot and peering in trying to work out what I’d done with her poo :rofl:


For no reason, here’s a picture of the fluffy lad



wonder if that’s how sebastian coe got it too


This is great work. I mean I love that you irritated @aggpass and @japes but extra kudos for forcing @plasticniki to get up and cuddle a cat at 3am.


Mr Socks & Celeste: friends at last


That feeling when the cat inadvertently declares war on charlemagne for you.


Had a lovely cuddle with this goober on my way home :slight_smile:


Is that a bit of muck on their chin, or do they naturally have a goatee?


It’s a little grey dot! :heart_eyes: