Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



I hoovered up likes in last nights evening thread. But in case you missed it I was visited by this beauty while gardening yesterday. No need to like, if you saw it yesterday.


An inspirational cat meme my sister sent me featuring Maya


That looks part adorable, part like s/he is working out the quickest way to get to your delicious, succulent heart.


Meet this sweetie often on my walk to work. Looks like a bit of a bruiser and is missing half a tail, but is really affectionate and loves head rubs.


cat i posted upthread is actually called Sarumon
Saru is a better name though imhop


This judgemental asshole though. “Yes, I know that’s where you were sitting, but it’s where I’m sitting now, and if you try and move me, I will bite you.”


yeah saru is a lovely name.


your cat looks like David Niven m8


He is dapper as fuck.


It seems I accidentally left the cat treats out on the work surface this morning.

Theyve helped themselves and ripped the packets open.


Despite all my rage / I can still pet a cat in a cage


Yeah, great place to sit, you big dummy!


Started to get a visitor cat that is quite friendly, but Carmen keeps trying to scrap with it even though its twice her size! Madness


My aunt has a good colour pallette of cat


not trying to brag or anything but my cat is a little fat cutey


Fucking seagulls


FFS @carmen, pet the cat don’t fight it!


Neighbour’s cat just follows me into the house now, nbd


Does it leave as soon as they’re home again with food?


What a poser!