Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Not posted in here for a while. Here are some photos of her enjoying the sunshine :heart_eyes_cat:


The TV is feeding a workmate’s cat this weekend. Got this absolute winner.






Oh my GOD :heart_eyes::sob:


The neighbours cat is getting far too friendly.


Is anyone here on Cat in a Flat? Just been contacted by someone who needs someone to host their cats for a week and they’re really struggling. I can’t have cats in the house because of my parents :cry:


I imagine most people available to book on there can’t have pets in their home, surely?

(Never been asked to host before - all the bookings I’ve done are where I’ve visited the cats)


Ive only ever been asked to host so I’ve not been able to meet any cats :pensive:


“What a glorious feeling, and I’m happy again!”



Serval at the zoo


I saw your post on Facebook earlier and read it as Terrible zoo, and was going to make a “joke” you’d be proud off. But I thought better of it.




can only see one there mate






Wot u looking at


Lola’s been scrapping with next door’s cat again.


Awww, poor Lola

Edit: or next doors cat depending on the victor.