Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



There’s little doubt that Lola came off worst. The cat next door is an absolute beast. I’m even scared of it.


I got the neighbour to feed her whilst I was away in May. Came back to find her voice had changed: quieter, harsher and strained. The vet seemed to think she was fine, and that she might have lost her voice by calling for me in the empty house too much, a thought that made me quite unhappy.

Anyways here she is helping* with the gardening.

*constantly getting in the way


oh man. :sob:

my brother’s cat was similar when he moved to australia, was ok during the day but at night time would just wail for hours. ended up losing her voice.

when he came back after a couple of years she stuck her head in one of his trainers and stayed there, purring, for about half an hour.


How is it possible for something to be this cute? I’m not even that biased cos he’s not mine, despite what him being fast asleep on my bed would have you believe.


Every morning for the last couple of weeks I’ve been waking up with Gizmo next to me. Hes very clingy lately.


Oh my.

And he’s twitter.


Someone on the local FB group has a cat called Oedipus.

  • Completely normal cat name, definitely nothing weird about it at all
  • Do they… know?

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cats are life.



He looks annoyed. He’s just wondering where his 5th bowl of food is. Not even joking.





Babysitting at a friend’s tonight and have the lovely Gina for company. She’s such a softy.


Springwatch-Ok the bird makes sense but why is she so interested in underwater plants/coral??




It appears I’m getting a reputation.



oh my goddddddddd


Cats obviously have some sort of sea fascination - most of their food is tuna and salmon isn’t it?


that second photo