Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



:pensive: I think our cat might might spend most of the day time calling for us and waiting for our return. I really hope not but it’s impossible to know really. He did it in our old flat when we lived with other people, but they were scared of him and I think the living arrangements made him unhappy.


yeah that is what being a cat is all about essentially in one picture


New kid on my block :slight_smile:


It’s been a while since my last Gizmo photo.

Its over 6 months since they vet said it was unlikely to survive the night and then reckoned he’d have a month. A tough cookie is Giz.



Aww what a cutie. Reminds me of Sooty as a kitten.

Black cats rule.


woke up to find candy with a dead mouse. was just…dead. not ripped to pieces. just appeared to have died of either age or fright. she didn’t know what to do with it but was just kind of staring at it trying to get it to play (she has a toy one that looks pretty real with a bell in it). heartbreaking/disturbing


That can’t be real