Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Not angry, just disappointed


Look what I grew :slight_smile:


Feeding the cat who properly hates me this weekend


never bloody see ours at the minute - they just want to play out chasing bees and stuff.

literally treating us like a cat hotel. literally.


I know, isn’t it great? Let her out into the garden and then I don’t have to think about her for about seven hours.


well it’s nice if they come in for a bit and sit with us. just so we’re getting some value for our money.


Took my friend to the cat cafe yesterday and the really fluffy Persian cat that lives there has had a haircut. The staff said she’s not very happy about it.


For comparison:



Fostered a kitten once, and trained her to ride around on my shoulder. She loved it. I loved it.

Still does it as an adult, doesn’t she. Broke that cat forever, didn’t I.


Have noticed the local cats have been having a fucking field day catching mice from the overgrown wasteland behind the car park to our flat lately.


Cat can’t deal with heat


Trying to be all pretending it wasn’t her who swiped that cucumber off her mum’s plate.


Taken this April:


That’s my gal.


I’m catsitting her in September for a week :smiley:




Bumped into this fluffy monster on the way home


Cat vs Fan


She’s still getting there, but she plays quite a lot in front of us now. Sometimes runs off if we stand up a bit quick or near her, but she normally comes straight back again. She has stood up on her back paws with her front paws on the seat of the armchair I’m sitting in a couple of times too, and has a sniff of my foot/brushes mt foot with her tail (accidentally I think, but it doesn’t seem to bother her).

We think she’s an idiot.