Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



I love her so much. She’s fitting in so well! We’re incredibly surprised that she loves to play…considering how much she hissed at a bit of string last week :smiley:



I love when cats sit like this cause my mum always sang to the cat in the tune of who let the dogs out

“who cut your legs off? who who who who”

now whenever I see a cat like this I sing

who cut your legs off? who who who who


I got a luggage tage customised with me nd my best pal Maya on it.


Absolutely stealing this.


My cats made me so happy this morning just by being their adorable selves :star_struck: they are so cute


The perspective here is doing my head a bit.

EDIT: Haha oh wait they’re two separate photos. Carry on


She’s utterly adorable.

Gizmo has his three month checkup/drugs review about his heart and lung condition on Friday.
He seems to be doing really well, but I’m still feeling anxious about it in case they find something.


He gets sung to quite a lot, mostly when getting fed.

Favourites* are “Food for cats” to the tune of “Cool for cats”, and “I know what cats like, I know what they want. I know what cats like, cats like, cats like food.”

*I mean, my favourites. He’s largely ambivalent to the whole enterprise, so long as it results in him getting fed.


Lately I’ve got in the habit of singing “He’s coming home, he’s coming home, Gizmo’s coming home”. When I see him walking back towards the house.


My other half practises singing German Opera at high volume at the moment. It makes the cats a bit nervous. Frankly it makes me a bit nervous.


We have a cat now. She’s tiny. I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m scared.


Oh my goodness :heart_eyes:


Gave it ago. I rate it 10/10 would try again


This is Neville who I see in the evenings. He runs towards me when he hears me which is a confidence boost.


13/10 - Excellent sitting on top of things skills.


Gizmo just had his three month checkup, he’s doing great.

Treated him to a renal wet food, instead of the usual renal biscuits. He’s loving it.


Just wanted to say that Neville is a great name for a cat.


Moving out on Wednesday.

Gonna miss my scraggy, homeless mate :broken_heart: :cry:


Heard some yowling from the back green, found this two otherwise v friendly fluff balls chasing a big ginger cat away.


Ughh so discovered today why having 2 cats can actually be shit. These cute birds we’re in the garden today, greenfinches I think. The cat that hangs out all day in the garden trying to kill things actually killed one, tried to bring it to me while I was sunbathing so I had to throw it next door (abandoned garden). The other one had just come back with it and now they’re fighting over it, the little shits aren’t even hungry :sob: my old cat never bothered birds and even though these have bells on them they still kill. They hate frogs and butterflies too ffs