Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Fun with friends


OMG! Furry balls of cuteness.


Grim! We normally shut ours in for a few hours on the rare occasion that she actually manages to catch something to stop her going looking for it and bringing it back in.

My boyfriend just asked what i was typing about and i said “someone’s cat caught a bird”. His response: “oh, i thought you were going to say someone’s cat caught fire”.


I’m catsitting Weds-Sun this week, yayyy! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Excuse me, Mr Cat - The sign says NO PARKING


My parents and sister are going on holiday together, so I’m on feeding duty from Friday to Monday for both cats. Can’t wait.


Already had a nap with one of them purring on my belly. The best <3


Anyone got any hot tips for when cats get a tick? I tried getting it out with tweezers but it was super stuck. Think I might have killed it in the attempt, but it’s still there.


You can get a special tick removal tool in most pet shops or vets


Sabre tooth cat.


Hmm ok. I’m catsitting in the middle of nowhere for five days though, so that isn’t really an aption in this case :scream:

Apparently both cats get them every now and again though and haven’t died of it so far.


Ah, okay. I’ve just checked and they’re available on Amazon. Could maybe order for next day delivery?

You’re right though - they’re probably fine.


I mean I did text the owners and asked them what I should do. They were like, it’s tricky, but if it’s dead then maybe just leave it until it falls out?

Will keep checking up on it, obviously. Thankfully Sara is an incredibly trusting cat so even when I was trying to pull out the tick, which is right beside her mouth, all she did was stand there and meow a little bit.


Some lads on the way home


Good bois.


think my cat has lost a bunch of weight in this heat wave, she’s always been a chubby funster but can feel her spine a lot more now and her neck seems skinnier.

much more vocal and laying down in weird places too.

dunno whether to vet.


Not being an actual cat owner, I don’t really know what would be best. But obviously you know your cat better than anyone, so if her behaviour etc seems weird to you for several days then I guess better safe than sorry? Is it possible to call your vet and describe the symptoms/situation to them, and see if they think you should bring her in or not?

(PS: Got the tick!)


cheers, yeah i think i am going to take her in tbh. the weight off my mind is worth 25 quid i reckon.

it’s not like she appears to be in any discomfort tho, and she’s not skin and bones, but she’s gone from the definitely a bit overweight range to a bit underweight in the past 6 weeks or so. don’t want her getting any skinnier for sure.

congrats on the tic. creepy little bastards.


Lola brought a live mouse in earlier! Absolutely freaked my GF out. Brought the mouse outside and Lola followed at me and whined as I went out to the stream to release it. Silly cat!


Xander, our tabby is exactly the same. Was chunky, now pretty skinny. Viktor the Siberian is still pretty solid. And eats like it’s going out of fashion. But as you’ve said. Might be worth checking if you are worried. I would hate myself if I didn’t do something.

Xander was sneezing and coughing a lot one day. We left it for a while, then I got worried and took him to an emergency vet (it was a Sunday).

She pulled a 7 inch blade of grass out of his nose (we couldn’t see it). It was down his nose/throat/lungs and causing discomfort.

The next time he was acting the same way, we knew what it was. And we could see 5mm sticking out. So we took it out ourselves. Problem is he was on top of the shed, so I was on there holding him whilst the other half performed the grassotomy. As the shed isn’t exactly sturdy I could easily imagine the roof collapsing and me being impaled on a fucking fork or something. And when mt friends heard I died in a freak, cat related accident they wouldn’t be surprised at all.