Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



It’s hard to know tbh.

You could get a rescue kitteny one. Older cats might be more friendly cause they’re less likely to be out loads and loads.


Cheers, will check it out. Don’t want to look too much now as might see something we really want but can’t act upon until we come back from holiday in a month or so.


@balonz you should get Malcolm.



Shy is ok but I think, and I may be wrong, there is an aloof sort that I wouldn’t really take to.

And @meowington I know it is good to teach kids about death and there is no guarantee with any living thing but just with a young child it would be cool to have a long term companion. My sister has always adopted old rescue dogs and I have encouraged her. It is a great thing to do.


You could defo get a rescue kitten then I reckon! Or even one thats about a year old.

Cats are aloof tho but come winter or it raining, they’ll always be inside. Every male black cat I’ve ever had (i’ve lived with 4!!) has always been so dosile and affectionate and loads of character.


Yeah I guess we will have to see what is available at the time and as we are limited by living with family it should be pretty easy when something becomes available.


I’d agree. Sooty and Gizmo both black males are the most docile and affectionate cats I’ve had.



Pretty sure she’s practising to be one a hypnotist now. She would absolutely not use her powers for good.


This has just popped up on my facebook feed. Might be worth a look when you’re ready.


Yeah will do. I’ll check out RSPCA first as it is nearest, then cats protection and take it from there.


she’s got tumours on her lungs and stomach they reckon, has an infection that probably caused the rapid weight loss so got some antibiotics for that, and they have her an appetite booster thing to try and get her eating. if she doesn’t get any food or water in over the next day or two I’m gonna take her to get put down. if she does they said she might have a month or so before things get too uncomfortable to be fair.



This is awful. Gutted for you, man.


Aww man, I’m so sorry to hear this. Awful news. Not really much else to say but we’re all thinking of you both xx


Aww man. Sorry to hear that :hugs:


Oh I’m so so sorry. Please be kind to yourself (I know you’ll already be giving her all the love in the world). There’s nothing anyone could have done to prevent this. The fact that she’s still purring happily despite everything shows how much she loves you.


Sorry that hug emoji looks too happy for this situation :crying_cat_face:


thanks m8s.

was surprised to find out she’s nearly 15 years old, would have guessed 10 or 11 tbh, so that’s a decent go isn’t it. fucking sad though.


That’s heartbreaking man. Really feel for you.


Minding my friends’ cats this weekend. This is Binksy. No sign of Peggy, their other cat.