Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)




Ok I’ve accidentally picked the weird in joke book cover version instead of the actual picture,so just ignore that part



Millions of peaches, peaches for me.


The non-deaf one was getting well wound up at me for watching this


ours absolutely loves kiwis :smiley:


guys guys guys


Expect lots of Sparrow-spam :blush:


She is so whiskery and fluffy and I miss her.


The ginger menace is back. He knocks the biscuit box over and scoops the fallen biscuits up with his paws.

Moments after taking this picture a great big dog appeared in the back garden. No idea where he came from, but he ran off round the side of the house and up the street. I then heard my cat meowing and saw that she was stuck at the top of a birch tree! There are really high winds here today so this was not good at all. I had to climp up a very wobbly ladder perched on some rocks to help her down. Poor thing was terrified.


I love him, he is so smol :sob:



This one is grumpy with me because I put him in a box and then put the box in the car and rather than driving the car around the world I drove him to that weird room that is full of other cats and animals and then a man looked in his mouth then stuck a needle in him.


Probably forgiven


This was my international cat day post on Facebook. Viktor usually gets all the attention but Xander is front and centre here.


I appreciate that English will not be their first language but can’t stop laughing at this


I’m a bit worried about Jessica - she’s eating ok, but is spending more and more time outside. Understandable when we were in a heat wave -but she is sitting outside in the pissing rain. I just bought her in and she just ran straight out again. She used to be so affectionate :frowning:



My cat is exactly the same at the moment. He’ll come in for a feed, but is otherwise pretty much living in the garden. It started when it was hot, which I could understand - but the behaviour has continued since. I’m hoping that in due course he’ll remember that inside is more comfy (especially when it’s raining).


Nina’s going out more too. I reckon they got a taste for it in the hot weather, reawakening their primal instincts where actually they’re not as domestic as we think.


@rob.orch I’m glad it’s not just her then. She did sit on me a bit last night so I’m feeling better about the whole thing