Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling) (Part 2)

her eyes also!! :heart_eyes_cat:

what is her human-given name?

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George boy went outside for the first time today


He is such a gorgeous boy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



we did also have someone looking in on her


Monroe showing one of the reasons I keep the dust cover on my Turntable!


Ready to drop the hottest mixtape of 2023


Feeling a bit stressed today. We have three cats, two sisters who came with the house and D’Angela who we adopted off the street.

The sisters and D’Ang hate each other, lots of hissing when they accidentally get too close. Normally D’Ang is just walking around minding her own business and the others get startled and get aggro with her, but occasionally I’ve seen D’ang winding one of them up.

Sometimes they get a bit too heated and have a bit of a scrap with some intense wailing and clumps of fur but things seemed to be calming a bit and they never really seemed to go to far.

[Cat injury] We got home from the school run this morning and found an actual bloodbath in the living room. Spots of blood everywhere, including a big patch under the record player stand (a common hiding place for them when trying to get out of a fight) and another patch of blood and spit next to it in the corner.

There’s also a trail of blood splashes going out the living room door into the garden in the direction of beyond the fence, which is basically just wild forest.
One of the two sisters is nowhere to be found and the other two are just sat around like nothing happened. It has to be D’Ang vs charlotte and clearly D’ang won (she’s a bit of a tank) but I’m now very stressed about the condition Charlotte is in and where she’s got to.
D’Ang has no marks on her at all.

I think this is the end of the line for them, but no idea what to do. D’Ang is absolutely obsessed with me and I can’t imagine sending her away, but whatever happened to Charlotte is not good and feels irresponsible to keep them all together like this now.

Plot twist: Charlotte came back unharmed.

She was looking at me like I’m a dickhead while I checked her for injuries but aside from the attitude there’s nothing at all wrong with her.

Which means I have absolutely no idea what bled out all over my living room.

I’m glad it wasn’t them fighting though, been feeling terrible about it all day.


Glad she came home safe!



That must have been really worrying! Glad your three all seem to be alright, maybe a 4th cat got in or maybe one of them got a rat or something?

If they don’t get on well maybe there’s some advice online about how to encourage cats to tolerate each other, if you’ve not tried it all already? I know others have posted about methods for introducing cats, I don’t know if you tried any of that stuff when you brought them together but maybe it could be used to reintroduce them?




There are a couple of street cats that sometimes come sniffing around, so maybe one got a bit cocky and went too far.

The problem with these guys is that they knew each other when d’ang was homeless on our street and seen as a bit of an invader. I spent a long time trying to slowly build up a sense of camaraderie between them by giving them all separate bowls for food and slowly moving them closer to each other at dinner to try and get them to accept there’s no food competition.

They’ve been better recently so things might be slowly improving, it’s just that the bloodbath today brought out all my anxieties about it…

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Fingers crossed that the bloodbath was merely(!) a rodent coming to a messier end than usual - I quite often come home to brutal crime scenes in the kitchen…


I was thinking of adopting a new cat. I live in a third story apartment. I have a balcony with a sliding door - is it too risky to have a cat?

I wouldn’t be leaving the door open, but I’m a little worried my son might, or the cat may dart out and leap after a bird.

I would say it’s not likely to leap off the balcony after a bird but it could fall accidentally. My parents had a cat in their first floor flat. The cat was allowed on the balcony and used to jump onto the branch of a tree to get down to the ground - fine, no issues. They went on holiday and left the cat with friends who lived in a 5th floor flat - it fell off their balcony and lost a couple of teeth (but was otherwise OK).

I’m not sure it’s that risky though - not really much different to living in a flat where you might leave a window open from time to time.

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Me and Bones live in a second story apartment with a balcony, but the level below has a huge terrace style balcony thing so it’s not really a big fall if he does jump. We lived with my atd and his cat in also a second story apartment with the same deal - a large terrace on the first floor - there was no way for the cats to fall the full distance.

Both cats have jumped for different reasons - he got freaked out by strangers in the house and Bones jumped through window to the inner patio thing spanish apartment blocks have. luckily a one story drop and he was fine but shaken up, and he’s never done it again obvs. My mate’s cat jumped out the window trying to catch a fly in his apartment. was also fine and has never done it since.

basically, yeah, they do jump. they’ll probably try it once and will be very careful about doing it again in the future, but from a third story apartment, I’d definitely put mesh around the open spaces. You can make ‘catios’ with relatively little effort.

having the intention to not leave the door open means nothing with cats in my experience. they’ll shadow you and get out when you’re not suspecting it, stake you out when you’re on the balcony so you can’t get back in without letting them out, etc etc. been there, done that, got the t shirt.


I am definitely thinking of mesh and maybe looking to adopt an older possibly more sensible cat.

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you can get stuff like this. fucking lol at the pictures. torn between loling and feeling really bad for the cats.