Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling) (Part 2)


An absurdly pretty animal


The 4am wake up calls are starting to get to me! I think he’s just lonely though rather than hungry. I’ve been trying to play with him for an hour before bed and feed him before bed, but still 4am on the dot, there’s sad little cries outside our bedroom door.

It’s more annoying cause it makes you want to get up for a wee, so he thinks he’s got you! You make a fuss of him and he does shut up but then you’re just awake in bed after that :weary:

Any tips? I might get an auto cat feeder to go off at 5 with a few biscuits to see if that shuts him up til 7.

He’s still gorge though.


We had this issue with Snoopy when we first got her. It started at a reasonable-ish time (6am) and eventually got unreasonable (4am). She would also scratch a lot and eventually took a chunk out of the plaster :melting_face:

Eventually we just relented and let her in our bedroom at night, but we put a blanket she liked on a chair and she was quite happy to just sleep there, she didn’t (and still doesn’t really) bother us.

I think the major issue is our bedroom houses the plants he likes. I’m having to get rid of two really nice plants as he just howls at the door to go in and chomp them! I may try leaving the door open tonight, but he really doesn’t settle down and snuggle and will end up stomping all over us.


Ah. Yeah, we had that issue with the spider plants, definitely woke up a number of mornings with her chomping on those.

Have you tried cat grass? It only costs a couple of quid and grows in a few days. Might work at distracting him away from the actual plants.

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If I leave my laptop case on the sofa, she just gravitates towards it and goes to sleep. I assume it’s the box mentality (a defined space is easier to defend) but it’s also both cute and quite funny.


My old cat went through a phase of 4am screaming. It was after I went from being unemployed to working and started going to bed earlier. I did not give in and let her into my room (she would sharpen her claws on the furniture and try to get into the wardrobe) but I would get up and pet her briefly. I guess she stopped as it wasn’t really worth the effort for a few pats on the head? So I would suggest not making too much of a fuss of him when he does it.

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Another gorgeous tabby!

Everyone’s cats are so beautiful :heart_eyes_cat:


My heart :heartbeat:


“Why is the fire not on?”


This is my best friends cat and she just sent me this pic+caption in our whatsapp chat and I laughed out loud. God I love this silly little cat with her beautiful silly face :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So many beautiful cats! I want to give a shout out to Margie, one of our community cats. She’s so beautiful and sweet :heart_eyes:


Is that Frida? she’s so beaut :sob:

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It is! I know! :face_holding_back_tears: I love her so much

Katie’s winter mane is coming along nicely


she’s like the Sinead O’Connor of animals

at least that’s the mood I get from these promo shots

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I think I’m gonna have to do this! He’s been wandering around all day long with a huge poop stuck just outside his bum! He’s been on my sofa all afternoon. I had to give him a good clean up with a damp flannel :flushed:

Fun Saturday night!

Winnie likes to play Star Wars in her spare time. Here she is in the role of Kittie Yoda