Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling) (Part 2)

Mum’s new office assistant is on the job


New scratch pad AND a new box!


Girlze now an only Cat in our House 19 years old and since Saber passed over the Rainbow Bridge one whole long year ago Girlze quite unbelievably has changed so much from tremental to an…


I’ve posted about him in other threads but I think I’ll keep pictures of him in the dedicated cat threat.

For anyone who missed it - My beloved ginger cat, Keith, died of kidney disease back in February. We had a wonderful 12 years together, and I was devestated when he passed away.

A cat cafe opened in my home town in August last year, and it’s easily the best thing to happen here in years. When I had more time, I would go there once or twice a week. All the cats there are lovely and friendly and they are all available for adoption (three cats even moved all the way from Poland to England) but there was one special guy (Irys) that I felt I had a connection with. He would always come to my table when he saw me, and would sit on my seat in one of the booths. But most of the time he was sleeping in the big bed in the window (the cafe has only one window and it’s usually full of cats enjoying the sunshine.

I knew I couldn’t adopt Irys while I still had two cats but Keith’s death left a huge hole in my heart and I knew I might have to act quickly in case someone adopted Irys before me. So I bit the bullet and decided to adopt Irys. Honestly can’t believe that nobody else wanted to adopt him, but there were other cats in the cafe who were less chill and better for people with kids.

I knew that Keith was almost irreplaceable, but Irys is doing a pretty good job! He’s the most affectionate cat I’ve ever known. When we cuddle, he literally hugs me by putting his front paws on my shoulders, and rubs his face against mine. He also dribbles a lot when he does this, which is a sign that he is very happy and remembering his mother.

He also cries! Like, not just meowing (which his also does - something he never did in the cafe) but actual tears. Which is kind of cute, but it’s the result of something that happened to him when he was a stray. So three or four times a day, I have to wipe his eyes, which he doesn’t mind when I hold him like a baby.

He loves climbing and likes to observe everything, so I took this picture of him on the bookshelf in my kitchen. Here he is paying tribute to his predecessor, Keith.


All my guests love him and he loves my visitors too.

He is a completely different cat than he was in the cafe. I think it says a lot about providing a cat with a home and him recognising me as his ‘dad’ that changes a cat’s personality. He is wonderful


Little guy in the box is melting me


just monroe things <3


I love his medieval hairdo


That happy face, omg :face_holding_back_tears:

There’s something really fulfilling about adopting a cat. Snoopy was used as a breeding cat, and while I suspect she wasn’t shut in a cage or anything (she was already well socialised when we got her), she’s just such a funny little character, I just can’t imagine her having such a lonely life. Now she gets to sleep on my feet and bite my arm in the morning to wake me up and to sit in the bath and watch the tap run and chatter at the huge seagulls across the alley and all these things. Who could deny her all these things??

Anyway, here she is this morning. Having a quiet one cos she had some very important work to do at 4:30am (screaming while bringing me a toy)




Favourite activity:

Asking the cat ‘are you a cat’

She stares back, not understanding


Wow :sparkling_heart::saluting_face:

Been like this for the last few minutes


Excellent hiding skills


Clearly I have interrupted something


I just happen to be sitting here next to Shades so the thread gets a pic


nothing makes me happier than going to bed and having my massive cat follow me and lie on top of the duvet purring / spooning my arm while we fall asleep together


Can’t believe I get to meet Sarou


Obviously want to meet all the dis cats… Especially Bones