Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)

I didn’t get up until 10 today. This was part of the reason.


Because life isn’t quite complicated enough, Nina will be off to the vets tomorrow. Her eye has anyways been a bit funny, but it’s gone cloudy over the past week or so :frowning:

Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be bothering her at all


Hope she’s ok!


Sage cat sees the time and nature of your death in her sinister eye.


Poor Nina! Still a very beautiful girl though.
Fingers crossed she’ll be fine xxx



Wtf is she looking at? Can’t be good for her eyes




My little sister brought my attention to this post on FB. I don’t know how to share the whole thing but anyway. I think I want to get into felting.


Managed to capture Val during a hyperactive phase, but with the cutest face.


Does anyone’s cat sit like a bloke then have a nap?


You seem to have adopted a little gorilla


Nina’s dodgy eye update following a trip to the vets this morning:

It’s not a cat-aract (sorry), but glaucoma, probably exacerbated by the funny eye she had already. I got sent away with three lots of eye drops to be administered three times a day, and she needs to go back in a week for a check up. If the eye drops do the job, she won’t lose the eye, but if it gets worse, they might need to operate.

Fingers crossed the eye drops help and she doesn’t need further treatment x


Does your cat lick you?
I’m just sat here minding my own business and Winnies decided my arm needs a damn good licking.
She loves licking my feet when I get out of the shower which tickles and slightly creeps me out cos why? She likes to lick my face too and sometimes even gives me kisses.

  • My cat licks me all the time
  • My cat licks me occasionally
  • My cat never licks me

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I’d look out, that licker is in a very dangerous place


Magda has licked me a couple of times, but Tesla was an extremely prolific licker. Whenever I stroked him he’d be purring and licking me, it was very nice. He just used to lick fucking everything tho. When I was in the shower he’d come and sit on the edge of the bath and lick the wet tiles and show curtain.

I do miss that little soft fluffy man.

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Katie particularly loves sitting on my chest and licking my earlobes. The wee dickhead is obsessed with ears and their secretions.

Elsewhere, I’m a bit worried about Katie’s dental health. She’s developed some bad breath and has been drooling a bit recently. I had a quick look in her mouth and her upper teeth look awful - really yellowy/brown and caked in tartar, and her gums look red too. Trouble is, there’s only one vet surgery on the island and because we’re heavily rural and farm-economy based (and we’re in lambing season) they’ve vastly limited their companion pet care lockdown provision to emergencies only. They’re asking people to email rather than phone the surgery; I did that a day ago asking for advice and they haven’t replied yet. I’m probably being silly getting stressed because a) she’s still eating & killing prey*, b) not behaving unusually and c) the internet says most cats have dental issues to some extent, but I still don’t like not being able to help. She’s also got a tick in her fucking lip of all places, and won’t let me near it with the tweezers :frowning:

*Christ, she’s doing her successful kill miaow literally as I type this. A break to go corpse fetching


Little dickhead gave us a scare earlier this week; we’ve just started letting him back outside (supervised) now his leg is healed and the fur has started to grow back, and as soon as we did, he went right off his food so obviously we panic and think he’s managed to injure himself/get an infection while we weren’t looking and we feel like bad cat parents.

Turns out he’s just being a picky little fuck and just wanted some fishy food instead of the meaty food he’s had the last few weeks.


Is cat; working as expected


Hanging with my BFF.