Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)

I’ve had some expert supervision today (not my cat- my mum’s)


rolling cat thread, you say?


He is an incredibly handsome cat!

This seems like the Good Looking Tabbies Photo Thread.

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Queen Maya (grumpy af, hates kittens, still very cuddly)

Calcifer (all powerful fire demon, very naughty)

Chihiro (also very naughty, likes sticking her little nose where it doesn’t belong, very cute and small)


Howl’s Moving Castle cat :+1:

My parents wanted my little brother to name him. When I asked him why Calcifer, he said “I couldn’t think of a reason not to.”

Fair enough, really.


I dunno if your bro has read the book, or only seen the film, but in the original story, the secret black setting on the door lead to suburban Wales.

(I am not making this up)

He’s only seen the film. I’ve only been to Cardiff in Wales and it was ages ago but I can understand why it could be considered the one you don’t go to.

Hah it was more that Howl/aka Howell was an eternally broke phd student back in Wales and his family thought he was a loser.

The film is not much like the book outside of the basic details, but no-one really cared because it was a good film, and the author and Miyazaki were friends. The author, Diana Wynne Jones is not really famous, but very well respected, and a lot of her books hold up for adults to read too. I edited a whole collection of essays about her a while back, and got invited to her funeral, which was nice.


I’ve had to limit myself to how many cat pictures I post on FB. BRB.

Here is one of our cats. He comes from a home where there were a lot of cats and dogs and he had to scoff down everything he could eat before someone else ate it. As a result he spends his ENTIRE TIME asking for food, looking for scraps, eating unspecified crap off the floor, licking stuff off chopping boards when your back is turned, etc. He’s worked out how to open the kitchen bin now too, so he’s always in there.

In this photo we have had to lock the catfood bag in the cat carrier to stop him ripping it up, and then put that on the top of the fridge. He is playing the waiting game. He’s got aaaaaaaaalllll day.



Fave pick of our cat:

ex’s cat:

Sister’s cat:


Our two. Got from Battersea when their owner died. Basically brothers from another mother.

Viktor. Big, cuddly, lovely boy. But can be a dick at times.

Xander. Skittish, but a sweetheart. Jumps at his own shadow (literally)



I need to get me one of these ‘cats’. Would be a YOLO move as I’m very allergic.

I’ve probably posted this before but here are Sooty (top) and Gizmo (bottom). Collectively called “the Misters”.


Bonus round: Jasmine the cat who my mum and one of her patients rescued last year. She turned out to be a package deal cat.


This is Jessica. She is lovely but very needy

This is Moonlight, Jessica’s sister. She smells, walks funny, sheds everywhere, drools and is incontinent. She basically sleeps all day


Waiting in his dish, all casual like. Not by it, in it.


Siberian. So very close, I think the Siberian/Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon are all related in some way.

He is not quite the size of a Maine Coon, but still bigger than your average cat.

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