Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)

One of the great tragedies of my life is I’ve never been able to have a cat of my own </3


Until then, I’ll be dishing out all of my unlimited (?) likes on you guys’ cat posts.

He is a handsome, handsome fella.

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not my cat but this guy turns up for a visit now and then


Not sure how to broach making this kitten’s move to my flat with his owners. He basically has chosen to live here and they don’t seem to care much about any of their hoard of cats (let the kittens out way too young, people keep rescuing them from near collisions with cars, not neutured any of them, don’t give a shit in general). But I think they care about keeping them for some reason still. I’ve reported them to the RSPCA as have others but they’ve not done anything bad enough to have them taken off them, just general lack of care. I wouldn’t bother even asking them as cats just live where they want but I want to get him neuturedand I’m sure he still goes home to them some nights so they’d find it weird and might be pissed off.

Has anyone asked to keep someone else’s cat before???

My cat killed and ate a squirrel today :scream_cat::scream_cat:


One of my furry miscreants (the perpetrator has not come forward) put a dead frog in one of our shopping bags and I didn’t notice it until I was at the check out. It smelled really bad.


They scream really loudly when being killed by cats it’s most disconcerting. Our previous cat used to bring them in at night all the time mid maiming…used to freak me right out.

Never forget also opening my front door one day to step on a writhing bloodied frog breathing its last on the doorstep. Rank :mask:

woahhh. handsome bastard.


ahaha that’s really funny but also really disgusting

my cat put a live mouse in my brother’s shoe, which he didn’t notice until he tried to put the shoe on and it bit him.

she doesn’t catch a lot but i think she might think she’s a retriever because most of what she brings in is completely unharmed


Sooty brought in another mouse tonight. He is a pretty small cat and the house was huge. He must have well over 100 kills in his four years.

Once he came titly drenched with a fish in his mouth, fair play to him on that.

Gizmo however is really gentle, all he kills are moths.

A fish? Fair play!

In case anyone missed it the first time


My neighbour’s cat comes over to hang out nearly every day. His name is Beastie and I love him.


Why are cats so great?


Had to help a kitten out of a 5ft tree on my way home from the pub. It said thanks by running at me and headbutting my shin.


I met this very pretty torty when I lived in Germany. She was quite shy and didn’t want any pats. :frowning:


I had to get my cat out of a tree once. Next door came round and said “did you know your cat’s been up our tree for an hour”. Someone brought out a ladder and I got the short straw/was deemed most able to climb a ladder to retrieve a cat. I think the cat is scared of heights - just as well I’m not

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Busy day planned.


Bloody love these cat threads.

Here’s Douglas Catface’s recent exploits


I’ve posted these before but this is my dad’s rather excellent cat, Nusha. I want a Persian :slight_smile: