catch 22

There were a number of real sweet spots in episode 2. The first part was excellent in particular.


Well this thread died a death, eh.

Inspired by this thread, but not the show, I borrowed Catch 22 from my local library, having not read it in yonks.

Still as great as ever👌

Really enjoying this having never read the book. I’m a big fan of Slaughterhouse 5 though so I reckon it would be right up my street

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I keep forgetting it is on.

I’m really enjoying, perhaps more so because yossarian is the spitting image of Phillipe Coutinho

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Anyone ever read something happened, any good?

Not really.


My old flat mate loved that book.

This is because for some reason he feels bottomless misery with no light is the best thing in art. So all I know is it is one of the most depressing books he’s ever read.

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It’s no 2666 by Roberto Balano

five episodes in and i still stand by this, surprised there hasn’t been more of clooney though

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Yeah, it was tough going. Had none of the ridiculousness of c22, just one man constantly complaining about his boring suburban life for 300 pages

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Not sure I even finished it.

I’m enjoying to watch this on my television


This week’s episode was really fun.

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Sounds right up my street

Haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, but if this was a made for TV piece it would be raved over.

Some of the absurdity of the book has been captured - the bit with Major de Coverley in Bologna was fucking brilliant, as is the whole Milo Minderbinder thing. Yet… The absolute horror of war has been captured so wonderfully - the Kid Sampson thing… Fuck me, only Grave of the Fireflies has made me feel like that before.

Wonderful TV.


the episode where milo takes him around all his different suppliers was absolutely magic

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Really enjoyed this from start to finish. Never read the book, never gonna.

Yeah, this was excellent.

Central performance was fantastic, the funny bits were genuinely funny, the harrowing stuff was generally harrowing. Looked beautiful. Good telly.


Might just be me and probably the way I consume most tele these days but, I would have prefered it as a boxset. I’ll go back to it later for a rewatch.