Cathartic music


Currently building a playlist to help me get through a sticky period in my life. Catharsis usually works best. So far I’ve got stuff like:

What would you go for?


pretty much everything girl band have recorded.


This one helps me out when I’m feeling a bit… you know:


NiN - The Fragile
Alva Noto - Xerrox vol 2

depending on the type of catharsis I’m looking for


Another Tim Hecker one – I was going to pick something off ‘Love Streams’ (one of the Violet Monumentals or Voice Crack) but none of it is on YouTube. But here’s another one off ‘Virgins’


Black Phase is probably my favourite cut from Love Streams.

His best “cathartic” stuff is probably on Ravedeath…but the individual songs from that album don’t work very well out of context.


I still really need to get that album.


Yes, absolutely you do


Nah, it’s the only one of his that isn’t worth getting.


You include things like An Imaginary Country and Instrumental Tourist in that?


AIC - yes! Third best after HIU and Haunt Me IMO
Instrumental Tourist - no - just considering studio LPs. We’ve had this discussion on the boards several times, but I remain baffled by the esteem in which Ravedeath is held. Which is fine - each to their own and all that :slight_smile:


If you’ve not heard Alva Noto’s Xerrox (vol 2), it may be up your street if you’re a Tim Hecker fan. It’s darkly beautiful drone - less cinematic than Timmy H, more insular but more cathartic as a result for me.


Exactly, personally I can’t listen to Haunt me all the way through…and I’m glad he’s eradicated most of the “glitchy” sound these days.



did mention this in the ambient thread but finding this album exceedingly cathartic at the moment, 11 tracks of 17th century metaphysical poetry sung over a heckeresque backdrop.

particularly cathartic moments like the slow break at around 2.50, proper dribbling dream state mind release for me.

on an indie tip probably some pedro the lion, or if i want to purge, shout it out and reboot last years wreck and reference.


This might interest you, certainly worth a try if you like Tim Hecker. Melancholy warm noise etc.


bump because I did and oh my god ‘In the Air III’


Big bird by Andrew Jackson jihad