Catholic Church officials say bad stuff (again) thread

“The plague of the homosexual agenda has been spread within the Church, promoted by organized networks and protected by a climate of complicity and a conspiracy of silence,”

hmm that almost sounds like…naw


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(Tempted to do one post every hour to hammer this home.)


The greatest billboard for atheism is the catholic church

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Yes, there are men like Burke everywhere, the Catholic Church doesn’t have a monopoly on arseholes. The common factor is entrenched power structures and their abuse. Which makes this very ironic:

“Cardinals Raymond Burke, from the US, and Walter Brandmüller, from Germany, reject that the cases of abuse are a result of “clericalism” - a group of men abusing their power, and protecting each other.”

He literally wouldn’t have a voice to reject clericalism if it wasn’t for clericalism. Makes me want to believe in hell to be honest.

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I struggle to see how anyone could remain a member. There are “good” and “bad” people everywhere but the organisation itself is corrupt, from head to toe

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I’d wonder what it is that keeps you there?

Erm, faith?

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name me one position that you couldn’t hold just based on “faith”

Sorry, I don’t understand that question or what it’s getting at.

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I think you need to be very careful about how you are wording your comments on this subject, to individuals and in general. Faith is a complex and personal matter and you don’t get to decide who believes in what. There are other ways to have this discussion without seriously offending people.


I’ve said absolutely nothing of the sort and wasn’t going to.

But you could have all those things and still not be a member of the church.

You are individually questioning people’s faith, do you not see how that could be offensive? By all means have a discussion on the merits of the Catholic Church but bear in mind that a number of users are catholics or practicing Christians (not myself I must add) but you should exercise caution when choosing your words, imo.


But they have all of those things and are a member of a church. What point are you trying to make?

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A few polite question I thought, if Ive gone wrong I’m sorry for anyone offended.

Ok, sorry if I’ve misinterpreted it, I’ll leave it now and let people speak for themselves.


I’ve read the statement.
Its surpassed in ignorance only by its cowardice, “natural law” in speechmarks…

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