Catholic School Kidzania Trip


My friend’s daughter who is in reception at the boroughs new catholic state school (being heralded as THE school to get your kids in to) went to Kidzania on her first school trip. It was gonna be my first choice for my kid but it’s kind of put me off it a bit.

Just not sure if a catholic school should be buying into such rampant manifestations of capitalist ideology aimed at children… particularly in its association with Westfield and more importantly, this…

I mean I get that the school is winning big in the competition stakes with this and I’m sure all the middle class, results-focussed, achievement obsessed parents are lapping it up but shouldn’t a catholic school be showing us another more soul-centred, road less travelled rather than a gold-paved brick road to the emerald city?


Isn’t the Catholic church one of the proto-capitalist institutions?


I was looking at a job listing for them, working in the head office doing design, before I really knew anything about what they were about. They wanted to reserve the right to drug and alcohol test any employee at any time. Creepy.


look at the chief on the far left, what a twat