Cats cheating on you


Cat owners, ever had your cat go into other people’s houses for a bit of company and get fed and stuff? How did this make you feel?

My cat seems to make a habit of going into our neighbour’s houses. Apparently he provides a bit of company to one old lady who can’t leave the house which is pretty nice of him. Although she had to remove him with a towel as he didn’t want to get off her bed and was getting a bit scratchy.

This only applies to people who don’t keep their cats imprisoned.


i always let other people’s cats in, never feed them though. one that i named edward basically lived on our sofa during the day.


We got our cat by it visiting us for a year and then its owner died.

Now our cat is starting to hang out with our downstairs neighbour, so if we die, they’ll be safe.


My cat Alfie moved in with a couple a few roads along and my mum had to let them have him and he’s now called Sam.


the circle of life


I like this. Thanks Dans.


Never had it happened. I wouldn’t want to know! I know of others who’ve had cats come to them. We’ve had it a bit. I felt SO guilty when it did although my mum’s had her last 3 cats that way (the old owners in these cases turned out to have no real interest in their cats).

Not sure about the ‘imprisoned’ thing.


that’s bullshit!



(Body is unclear/not a complete sentence.)




i mean that they stole your cat, not that you’re telling a fib


Did you ever see the cat again?


When we moved into our house we discovered the arsehole previous owners had abandoned their old cat. The neighbours and at least one other family were looking after him before we moved in but once we did he kept coming to our window wondering why he couldn’t get in to his house anymore. So we started letting him in and feeding him and now he’s living like a king, swanning in and being fed when he likes and then sodding off somewhere else for a second/third dinner. We see him in the neighbour’s kitchen window looking over at us sometimes as if to say, “you’re damn right I’m having another breakfast. 'The fuck you gonna do about it? I’ll be round later. Have my bowl ready.”

He’s a little bastard. But we love him.


I want more cats


I suspect one cat might. Sooty often disappears all day, but when he does missing I go down the road to a house about 10 houses down, jingle my keys and he come running out of the side gate meowing and following me home… I’m not sure if he just sleeps in their garden or goes in their house.

The other cat is scared of his own shadow and hardly goes out, so its unlikely he does.


my cat prefers being at his gran’s house cause it’s bigger and cosier and he gets fresh fish. other than that he doesn’t get into other people’s houses and I’d be too scared of him being kidnapped or injured.


@1101010 can we have a cat board


I’ve moved this to Social -> Pets.


My neighbours always give my cats bits of barbecue but they’re scared of their dog.


So you could say they’re always in it’s grill? You could say that couldn’t you.