Cats cheating on you


You could. You could say many things.


I thought so.


oh I thought that you thought I was lying

Well my parents already had a cat who would boss Alfie around and then they got a puppy and I just think alfie was getting too much attention from the dog so he went elsewhere. I think he actually was being fed by an old lady that died and then he kept turning up and he meows quite loudly so the neighbors thought it was the old lady’s cat and they were looking after it.

They eventually got it scanned and then they had to phone my mum and tell her but the woman was sooooo upset that my mum was like "well you clearly love him and he’s had enough of living here so you’re welcome to have him"
and they’re INSANELY precious of him. He went missing for a few days cause he’s a bit like that, and they were knocking on our door loads and my dad spotted him in the alley and the lady like ran so fast to get him and then she found him and walked home cradling him like a baby and a loud car came past and the lady covered his ears to protect him haha

He still pops by every so often to my mums garden but he never really comes close enough for her to stroke him or anything. He was always quite independent.

He does not look like a Sam. He’s Alf the Mouth (cause he hollers as he’s approaching the house)!!


i woulda told that lady to do one and give my cat back


My friend had a cat that was a breed that was prone to diabetes. Her neighbours kept giving him cream, which isn’t good for cats anyway. Guess what happened?

her cat got diabetes


I pinpoint this as the moment my mum stopped being a cat person and became a dog person


One of my earliest memories is of a lady who lived a few doors down from us calling round to ask us to come round and move our cat from her spare room. Apparently the cat had been going round on a regular basis for some time but on this occasion the lady had the central heating on and our cat wouldn’t budge from next to the radiator.


I hope still_here isn’t startled by this thread title.


So you’ll be dead within the year?


I don’t think this happens. But you never know with the little monsters. If so, it won’t be a close neighbour as they all already have cats and there are turf wars anyway. I hope nobody starts feeding Viktor as they won’t want to give the magnificent bastard back.


Don’t threaten me bro.


When I was halls at uni a cat kept showing up and sleeping on my bed. It’d yowl outside my room at about 2 in the morning, come in and rub around and purr a bit and then get on my bed and start washing. If you tried to stroke it after it had started washing it would give you a look of such disdain, as it knew it had already won enough affection to sleep on my bed (usually right in the middle, meaning I had to arrange myself around it) and had absolutely no interest in being friends beyond that. The year after I moved out there was a story in the student paper about how it was no longer allowed on uni grounds because it did a shit in a stairwell.


my cat doesn’t go out much, so the closest thing to this that i’m aware of is when she got stuck up a tree in next door’s garden and i had to climb up a ladder and snap off some twigs so she could get down. idiot


My Grandparents had a cat that didnt like children so naturally I would try an stroke it everytime I was over in the hope that if it didnt scratch me that must mean I was no longer a child but a man!


My old cat disappeared for days, turned out the old lady next door named him toodles and was feeding him. When we told her though she was really contrite and my mum would bring the cat round to her house and she gave him a tongue sandwich once

The lady would ask me at the bus stop most days (very loudly) OW’S TOODLES?? And ask me what i was studying at college even though I told her each time haha she was lovely (died a while back though </3)


C’mon man.