Caution, contains buzzfeed (#12 will make you crazy, uplifted AND depressed)



bamos is in there


i can’t do it, these aren’t funny


um, yes. That’s #12




(don’t actually READ them, for gods sake!!)


sorry, i didn’t read the bit in brackets


In which case, apologies for the blank post (aaaaaah! Foppyish! You can’t see this! lllooooooooser!!!)


Surprised that’s the bamos they went for. Would have expected something about Gedling Miners Welfare or his ruminations on a one-wiper.


enjoyed a few of those tbh tbf


I laughed at the last one but on reflection probably not worth the time I spent reading the previous 34.


Bamos’ one is the only one that wasn’t funny

They don’t do pitchers for many drinks. Just those shit lagers and cocktails.


luaghed at the driving instructor one


I laughed at the duvet one, the chopping board one, the surprise party one, the McDonalds one, and bamos’s one.


I laughed at quite a few of these.

I mean, I didn’t actually laugh, I just felt a vague feeling of amusement that I didn’t express physically at all.


Thought 2 was funny. I guess 8 would be if it wasn’t made up.


Enjoyed most of these.

Talk to you soon.


Did find the Miquita Oliver misquote funny, but it’s almost certainly Wolfcastle.