Cave In (Rolling)

WTF mega shocked by this. RIP Caleb


Holy fuck

Oh shit this fucking sucks.

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Oh man, that’s awful.

Saw Cave In a couple of times around Jupiter / Antenna. Such an underrated band.


Some very surreal, serious news reports about this online. Weird circumstances, so sad. Cave In changed everything for me with Jupiter.

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Love them to bits. This is shocking and sad RIP. Thoughts go out to family and friends :sleepy:


Fund for his family here:

Whats the circumstances?

Apologies if this is too graphic/shocking for anyone. Happy to delete.

I Like Cave In and I am a big fan of Old Man Gloom. Old man gloom gig in London a few years ago ranks up with my favourites of all time. RIP Caleb

Oh holy shit


I had a ticket to this but couldn’t make it in the end. They released a live album of the show though.

Totally gutted about this news. What a talent, and what a body of work to leave behind.

Yeah I’ve got the album as well. I remember the gig well - I travelled down on my tod on the train from Yorkshire as none of my mates like OMG! Went to the gig bought a t shirt off Aaron Turner and then watched bossk, circle and then OMG who were immense. Then went and stayed in a hostel!

Fuck. Was listened to tides of tomorrow yesterday. Fucking awesome band


This is prob the first one of these musicians deaths that’s hit me hard. As much as I love lemmy, Bowie, Cornell etc… they were all a bit before my time. Cave In and OMG are both bands that were close to my heart.

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This is just such an absolute shame. Loved this band since Jupiter. Thoughts go out all his closest

Yeah same
.fuck i remember seeing Cave In on Kerrang as a kid. Went to leeds fest for the day at 13 with my parents and queued up for the signing tent. Probably still got the autograph somewhere (also how crazy that Cave In were doing an NME sponsored signing at Leeds Fest!)

Trepanning where he does lead is such a belter. This is so shit

I dunno - Cave In deserved more than they got. Jupiter and Antenna are two v underrated albums then unfortunately they got ditched by there record label. With a bit more backing who knows where they could have ended up I rate the antenna album highly. Got some great songs in it.


This is fucking shit :confused: