Cave In

One off London gig in April. Some proceeds going to Caleb Schofield’s family.

Definitely fancy this. Anyone else a fan? Let’s talk Cave In


I’ll be going, definitely. Tickets on sale in 5 minutes!

Tickets bought.

Really hope they add Celestial to the line up…! Surely there’s a good chance that will happen…

Bloody love Cave In, pretty much from start to finish. Jupiter remains my favourite, and never really dug Antenna but otherwise solid gold. Was so sad about Caleb.

Old Man Gloom were phenomenal the other year in London so hoping for more of the same!

Gonna be a weird night seeing these bands yet not hearing Calebs roar :sob:

I completely missed hearing about what happened to Caleb… that’s devastating. I’ve just bought a ticket :heart:

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I’m going to be at this too - although more for Old Man Gloom and the faint possibility of an unannounced Celestial set. Have never really listened to Cave In, so if anyone can recommend a place to start I’d be very grateful.

Just bought a ticket :metal:

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Probably Until Your Heart Stops or Jupiter. Or just this:


Jupiter is one of the best albums ever made (IMHO).


Also this could be a potential DiS meet opportunity?

I’ll be there!

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I will most likely be going on my own (despite getting 2 tickets) so would potentially be up for this

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I’ll be flying solo, so definitely up for a DiS meat.


This is fucking excellent. Thanks for the link!

No worries! As someone said upthread, Jupiter is an amazing album so definitely check that out too


Yeah - Ticket bought too - been a long time fan since Jupiter and never, ever seen them live and although I wish this gig exists in better circumstances, I couldnt pass the opportunity up (and the reasons behind it to support it) and hope it will be a fitting tribute to Caleb

Will be checking out Old Man Gloom over the coming months in prep

Got a ticket for the London show. Flying solo so up for some DIS beers / hangs.

I’m really tempted to go to Roadburn. Not sure I can excuse the expense this year, which is something I’ve said for the last three years. Capitalism is ruining my enjoyment.

I GOT a ticket. Cave In are so great