Cavern of Anti-Matter

Sort of Stereolab. Driving beats, fuzzy guitar, analogue synths, general air of wary optimism about future.

Last year’s Void Beats/Invocation Trex album was very good, but they’ve just reissued their 2013 debut, Blood Drums, and it’s SO MUCH BETTER!

Ace live too. Now we just need a compilation of their various singles!

I picked up ‘Blood Drums’ the other day. Listened to about half of it, but yeah, pretty much exactly what you say. On this topic, I’m sure I read that Tim Gane was interested in reissuing the early Stereolab albums (properly on vinyls and CD rather than some random “analogising” of the digital files for the vinyls); wonder if that’ll follow the reissue of ‘Blood Drums’.

Haven’t heard their other album yet, but it was on my to-buy list for ages last year.

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Loved the album, loved them at Primavera and now you tell me they actually have another album! Brilliant news!

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Just found out they played in Birmingham in September. Dunno how I missed that (though, thinking about it, it seems to have been kept as on the down low as Laetitia Sadier’s show at the same venue was, which I luckily found out about quickly enough to snarf a ticket).

yes cool band, think I might like them better than stereolab, for whatever reason (feel free to tell me I’m wrong…).

Was almost put off by the bradford cox song on the last album though, at least when I heard it on its own, but in the context of the album it was fine, even good!

Don’t know if I have more than that to say about them than that though. Would like to see them live too!

The Bradford Cox song is definitely the low point of the album. It sounds a lot like the of Montreal song on Janelle Monae’s Archandroid, which also happens to be the low point of that album. But… in the context of the whole thing, it provides a nice little jolt of energy, so it can stay.

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