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Finding it hard to comprehend how I’ve got today and then two more days to get through.

Is this the weddo threddoe

only got to do it for like another 50 years though

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this is sort of unfathomable


I ain’t got no pension, I’m going to do it until I die! Woohoo, strap in and feel the G!

I recently moved to condensed hours so I could have Wednesdays off but had to shift it to Tuesday this week. The prospect of doing 3 extra long days in a row feels impossible right now.

It’s hard to see how this trend of giving progressively fewer fucks about work each day can possible continue for the next 40 years. And yet


There are a fair few people here that work compressed hours (or a 4 day week as it used to be called) and a day off in the week or a three day weekend is quite tempting but the nine hour days in between aren’t at all. I like sodding off at 4pm!

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I’m a big fan of the idea of condensed hours, but then when I think I’m already jonesing to leave at 3pm, the idea of making the day last even longer just doesn’t seem doable

Negative fucks, they have to start giving fucks about YOU


The long days are a complete pain. That extra last hour is terrible. But breaking up the week into two day chunks works really well for me. A lie in in the middle of the week plus a whole day to work on projects for myself is so nice.

Yeah if I was going to do it I’d definitely take Wednesday off. Everyone else seems to want Monday or Friday but nah, 2 days at max in work at a time seems like a dream to me