fuckin ell m8s


i’ve been in a training thing all day. a bit hungover, it was just awful.

49 minutes :expressionless:





I’ve been sticking and glueing

oh god, was there an icebreaker?

no thankfully we were just being talked at but it meant i could barely keep my eyes open

Supposed to be going to the pub to penoid. Might.


i’m fucking starving now

sympathies, we’ve all been there. Eyes dropping, you know you shouldn’t nod off but you also know how fucking great it would be.

I just did 20km on the indoor bike and am absolutely drenched in sweat.

Going to have a shower and make some bruschetta.

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Smashed three glasses on Saturday.

Replaced them today.

Urge to snack near fatal

mazel tov!

Think I’ve seen the worst thing ever. The phrase ‘danger noodle’ to describe a snake. Want to die

(Uni housemate, who wanted a pet snake and tried to manipulate me into agreeing with it by getting me drunk, finally got a pet snake with her boyfriend. UGH. NO.)

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oh i found some mini cheddars :pray:


Had some Monterey Jack mini cheddars recently.

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any cop?

Alright. There’s not much variety in the different flavours. Those fucks are trying to pull the wool over our eyes and I’m not having it.