What are the origins of this phrase? This is something I often (in the last 43 seconds) wonder about.

I tried Philadelphia yesterday. Just tasted like i can’t believe it’s not butter or something.

Think I’m going to stay late and get some work done. Banal.

would kill 4 snyder’s

Absolutely approaching a blackout tbh, looking forward to it


1 at a time or can you take them all on at once

is your uni housemate Super Hans?

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preeeeetty tired m9s. supposed to be going running later but might sack it off any play vidya and listen to podcasts instead


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When I fancy a healthy snack, I often reach for some almonds as they are supposed to be pretty good for you. However, I find plain almonds very boring so I mix them in a small bowl with a little portion of roasted, salted peanuts. But in doing so, I wonder if I am cancelling out the health benefits of the almonds with the salt?

  • Yep, you chump, you’re cancelling out the hb of the almonds.
  • You’re a healthy, tasty, snack genius! You’re still getting the hb of the almonds.

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Came in wearing shorts this morning and now it’s fucking pissing it down outside. Dose.

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at least you won’t have heavy wet jeans though

I like to do this with cranberrys and white chocolate drops but I don’t think either of those are very healthy to being with. Tastes better than anything else though.


This is a good point. Typical Irish summer tbf.

Salt is important though, it’s not a complete enemy. Moderation is the key.

If you like almonds you should try these

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This is a decent life hack. Might start doing this with the mixed nuts I’ve started buying

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Waitrose used to do really good sugary almonds. Not sure if they do any more, I don’t walk past Waitrose any more.

This post has not been as informative as I had originally hoped.

I will do and will report back, thanks :blush:

I just cba to eat them otherwise and give up after 2 or 3.

How can I be this tired on about 8 hours sleep