Anyone have any experience with this? Mrs HYG has got some but hasn’t really noticed much in the way of impact so far. From what I’ve read, a lot of people are pretty sceptical about its effects or if there’s any dose you could take that would really do much so it’s just a placebo, so idk. Hers is just a liquid with a dropper that you put under your tongue.

I heard that anything you can buy in the UK won’t be strong enough to do anything.

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It definitely does something and it was explained to me but I cannot remember the details of how it works. The person was a brain surgeon so they were using technical medical brain terms (yes he had overestimated his audience ie me) - he had just found out his Mum was taking it and he was a bit upset she hadn’t consulted him.

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looking into it atm, by the sound of things you (not you individually, the figurative you) need to do your research as the stuff that’s in health shops/pharmacies etc is not very reliable or effective
There’s a lot of bandwagon-jumping at the moment on the part of suppliers.

This is the site she got it from, it’s going for a very hip vibe, she used to work with the CEO or something, it all sounds a bit start-up wankery.

Hmmm they talk a good talk but I couldn’t say for sure. I’ve heard good things about Dutch Natural Healing.

I’m not even sure that is the right one looking at it, there were a few sites with quite similar names and smart looking websites!

Got some. Did nothing gave it away. Depends on what you need it for afaik

I use CBD edibles/tinctures to help with chronic pain and rampaging anxiety. A high dose of CBD at night helps me fall asleep, has reduced the number of times I wake up from pain, and has had a small effect on my levels of inflammation+pain in the morning. Small doses are helpful for my anxiety.

It’s not perfect and doesn’t work perfectly every time but it’s far, far better than sleeping pills.

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I tried it for a bit and I’m pretty sure it did fuck all. Tastes like shite too.

Used to vape it but had to prioritize other things because it was mad expensive, seemed to do the trick but I do wonder if it’s just because vaping fruit flavoured e-liquid is actually quite relaxing in itself. Generally 400-600mg was the range that worked for me.

The place in Brighton (and posted about recently) where I bought some high CBD low THC buds/ flowers got raided by the police the other day and is apparently closed while they take legal advice (having said that their social media has not been updated at all and the website for online orders is still there so who knows) - anyway they claimed the product was fully legal but the police must think otherwise

But anyway, assuming you can get the stuff elsewhere, I really noticed an actual affect when vaping it. Anything you inhale will be absorbed into the blood quicker than something you swallow, so it’s easier to feel it taking effect

I think it’s one of those things that ends up being different for everyone (despite how much reddit embarrassingly claims otherwise). After seeing it work wonders for a number of the dogs I walk and for a number of the dogs I follow on Instagram, I uncharacteristically gave it a shot and had some mixed results.

I started at a very low dose (5 mg) of a sublingual tincture - the first night it was like “whoa, I took something” but almost all other nights there was no noticeable drug feeling. My sleep instantly got much better (best sleep in maybe 20 years), but after a couple weeks it seemed like any anxiety or depression effects were gone.

I went up to 15 mg and the only thing I noticed at first was that my sleep was getting worse again. But after a couple weeks, I realized that I wasn’t having the usual severely anxious or severely depressed days anymore. It seemed to be working similar to an SSRI or Wellbutrin, but minus the horrendous side effects. As a test I went back down to 5 mg for a couple weeks, and my sleep got better but my anxiety and depression got worse.

I went up to 15 again, and after a few weeks it didn’t seem to be doing much, so I went up to 25 mg and it was pretty much a repeat of the original 15 mg experience - sleep a bit weird, but anxiety and depression spikes down. After a few weeks it once again didn’t seem to be doing much, so now I’m taking a break.

The most important thing is to find a reputable brand though. I know Lazarus Naturals and Bluebird Botanicals have really good reputations. There’s a ton of dangerous garbage out there since it’s not regulated (at least in the US). And some brands work for different people in different ways (I guess similar to anti-depressants) - I think it has to do with the terpene profile in each.

So basically, I think you just have to play around with doses over time and see how you respond to it and see if you want to keep paying to find what may or may not work. I didn’t have great success with it in the end, but I’ve seen it do enough for dogs that I know it’s not BS or a placebo.

Its good for anxiety from experience

Royal jelly for the 21st century

what does it do to dogs?

I don’t think enough reliable research has been done yet to amount to robust evidence for or against it, however, anecdotally, it seems to help with things like MS and arthritis, anxiety, and doggy epilepsy. It’s expensive but if you can afford it, then I’d say it’s well worth a try. CBD brothers are meant to be good and have a FB page that are very responsive on to answer questions on the various strains and strengths.

think it only works if you’ve never been stoned