Works fine for me and I was a serious stoner.

Back in my consulting days I worked with a company doing loads of cannabinoid clinical trials. Was fascinating. Also never had so many sweets and cakes in meetings! :smiley:

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It can have some significant effects on anxiety, pain, nausea, seizures, and other things. I don’t think I would have tried it or believed in it if not seeing it help them. Calista and her brother Zazu take it and have had a lot of success with it. (Calista is basically the top celebrity in our household, she might be the most magical being on the planet).


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she’s a beauty and it’s excellent that you’ve been able to help her with it!

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Oh, seeing her story online inadvertently helped me, sorry! Seeing it work for her and her brother made me think it was worth trying - I have a lot of anxiety over medications and substances to begin with, and seeing the nearly cult-like treatment it’s getting online made me even more skeptical and nervous.

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Going to try this, picking some up on Sunday.

Had to ask my in-the-know friend how to get hold of some. Thank goodness I know some non-dweeb people.

In return she asked me if I knew anywhere that does birthday cakes in the centre of town. I’m glad we could help each other out with our respective drugs and cake knowledge.


Still not legal where you live chief?

Just trying this the last three days or so. So far getting nothing from it sadly but it can take time to build up its effects I believe.

Not sure actually, I assumed not and all the website that’d tell me are blocked at work anyway.

i’ve heard the stuff you get in Holland and Barrett and such is shtie?

No no, thats a criticism of people who are after THC oil / Proper Cannabis Oil

CBD Oil is very much legal and the stuff in H&B is suitable if you’re after CBD. If you want the full shebang, yknow the stuff that’ll get you stoned and give massive amounts of pain relief, you want Cannabis Oil as it contains both CBD and THC.

CBD doesn’t get you stoned but it’s ‘allegedly’ good neurological problems. It helps my anxiety and my nephew who is non verbal ASD has been a lot calmer since being on a course of CBD oil.

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i don’t think this is accurate but i’m too sleepy to get into it

We got some from Boots and it’s gradually having an effect after 3 or so weeks on my back pain and Mrs F’s circulation issues, but it’s had a bigger impact on her anxiety and really seems to be helping.

Yesterday I was offered CBD oil as an extra on my vegan burger for £3

Does anyone have a recommendation as to a brand or place to get some CBD oil? My mum is suffering from stress/anxiety headaches and has asked me to do some research and I don’t have a clue, but thought my friends at Social / Boards // Drowned In Sound would be able to help

Oh that’s the old URL innit

You can get it in Boots. I got some recently but I’ve only used it once so I can’t vouch for whether it’s any good or not.

Okay, thanks. Is what you can buy in the UK generally the same stuff wherever you buy it?

i have no idea tbh, i see specialist CBD shops sometimes which i imagine might have more specialised or stronger stuff or whatever. even in Boots there were some really expensive ones. i bought this because it was the cheapest by a long way

but yeah i have no expertise in it whatsoever but hopefully some of the people in this thread might come along and help!

My friend runs an online shop selling it:


Having not used it myself, I can’t vouch for its potency though.