CD Sale (part 2)

Yet more albums available for sale. £1 per CD (plus appropriate postage price). E-mail me for details:

Elbow-Asleep In the Back, Cast Of Thousands, Build A Rocket Boys, Little Fictions
Filed Music-s/t, Tones Of Town, Plumb
The Cribs-For All My Sisters, In the belly of the brazen bull, Ignore the ignorant, Men’s Needs…
The Killers-Sam’s Town, Day & Age, Battle Born
Noah & The Whale-Peaceful, The World lays me down, First days of spring, Last night on Earth, Heart of Nowhere
Belle & Sebastian- The Boy With the Arab Strap, If you’re feeling sinister, Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Outkast-Speakerboxx/The Love Below, Stankonia, Aquemini
Rufus Wainwright-Release The Stars, Poses, Want One & Two
Scissor Sisters- s/t, Ta-Dah!, Night Work, Magic Hour
Marvin Gaye-What’s Going On, Let’s Get It On, Here My Dear
Hurts-Surrender, Happiness, Exile
The Futureheads- s/t, News And Tributes, The Chaos, This is not the World
Franz Ferdinand- s/t, You Could have it so much better, Tonight, Right Thoughts…
Elvis Costello-This Years Model, Get Happy, Armed forces, Imperial Bedroom, Blood & Chocolate
Jamie T- Panic Prevention, Kings and Queens, Carry On The Grudge, Trick
TV On The Radio-Desperate Youth…, Return to Cookie Mountain, Dear Science, Nine Types Of Light, Seeds
Phoenix-Ti Amo, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, It’s Never Been Like That, Alphabetical, United
The Libertines-Up The Bracket, s/t, Anthems for Doomed Youth
The Vaccines-You could have it…, Come Of Age, English Graffiti
Band Of Horses- Infinite Arms, Mirage Rock, Why are you OK, Everything all the time, Cease to Begin

you still got the Outkast albums?

Hi, yes I have :+1:t2:

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will dm ya

Yes they’re all fine. I know, maybe I should charge more but I’ve said £1 now :joy:

ha, well, if i send you a tenner, can i get…

  • the three Outkast albums
  • Tribe Called Quest best of
  • and the first two TV on the Radio albums (Desperate Youth and Cookie Mountain)

I’ve just checked and I haven’t got ‘Aquemini’ anymore. I’ve got the rest though :+1:t2:

can i replace Aquemini with Marvin Gaye What’s Going On?

Sorry, I’ve just double checked and the only ones I’ve got left are Stankonia, Speakerboxx/The Love Below and TV on the Radio ‘Desperate Youth’

ha, ok, how much for those three and postage?

You can yes. How much shall we say then?

£6.48 for the 3 CDs and postage (small parcel)?

Yes that’s fine. Sorry I’ve been out for lunch. You can send me the money via PayPal on this email address if you like.

Before you do though I have written some new lists of albums for sale if you’d be interested in looking?


Have you managed to see them?

No, where’s the new list?

Oh, I did send you an email. Have a look back, you may have to click/press on the pics? If you can’t find them I’ll send it again