CD Storage

Can anyone recommend good shelving units for 700+ CDs?

I just gave away enough Billys for around 400 last week.

So double that.

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Second the Billy recommendation, I have three with extra shelves, roughly 1800 CDs;

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Thanks guys - I’ll see if they’ll work.

Few big CD wallets and play the MP3s and reclaim your space :wink:

think i’m gonna sell all my cds. it’s sad, but never play them anymore.

what are you gonna do with the £7?


70% of the month Spotify subscription?

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One good thing about CDs: bookshelves can generally double as CD shelves, but the opposite is usually not true.

I really don’t understand people who own that many physical albums. My collection is far smaller, but I do actually listen to them all, obviously some more often than others.

Age surely? I have hundreds. Just 10 a year for 10 years is 100 and as if you’d buy that infrequently? I mean obviously stuff has changed in the last 5 to 10 years

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I’m not sure what you are getting at. Some people buy dozens of albums every month; some buy none at all. You have hundreds? Good for you, if that’s what you enjoy. Some people have thousands.

I’ve never tallied how many I buy per year, but 10 a year does not sound too unlikely a figure. In some years it might have been substantially more. There were also a couple of years when I bought no new music at all.

I was literally responding to you saying this

And now you’re all “some buy loads some don’t”

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Did I touch a nerve or something? For a “moderator”, you sure like getting stuck into people.

Look, perhaps my “some buy loads, some don’t” was an effort on my part to say “I don’t understand why some people buy that many, but they do, and that’s cool, we are all different.” Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.

Never engage with the bob-bot, teho.

I totally see your point, Theo.

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No, tbh I have nothing against you but you phrased that in a fairly blunt way and I responded primarily because I wanted to get an even response in before some hot headed forum member had an angry go at you and stuff descended further.

All my CDs are stuffed in wallets in a cupboard because I only buy and listen to MP3s now FWIW.

Green Apple glass CD shelves for me. They look great (much prefer them to Billys). Cost a load to buy them new but possible to pick up for a relative pittance on eBay.