💿 CDs you've bought: 2022 💿

Only available in Japan/through Amazon, it is not cheap, but i got a voucher worth a similar value as a prize for winning a work award so…

(And yes that’s Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers underneath)


With some melancholy, I’ve mostly stopped buying CDs (ain’t got the space, even though I like the physical thing and I can play them in the car). Got Beach House pre-ordered though and there’s something I want that (unusually, I guess) is otherwise unavailable just digitally.

As physical mediums go, def the best

also obi strips on Japanese CDs are the absolute best


Got a Feist CD, Tigermilk by Bellend and Seb, and some other indie toss in the charity shop the other day for about 50p

They’re for the car/partner




Fuck me


Which Feist u get?

Been on a CD kick recently.I was exclusively vinyl for a while , but been getting back to CD too, as used are so cheap. Here some recent additions, some discogs , some eBay , some direct and some out in the wild.


Signed John, eh? Nice.

Yeah the silver looks nice on the black cover too. Got that one from recordstore.co.uk they probably still have some signed ones left.

These three arrived today. All from an Amazon (sorry) gift card I got for Christmas, and all used so something like £3-£4 each. Condition is great, pleased I took the punt on used.

Mars Volta was to replace my old one as I lent it to someone and never got it back. One of my all-time favourites, obviously.


All arrived now. Got all of these for £25 (Inc. delivery) off Amazon, pretty amazed by that.

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Got these the other day all for under 9 quid


Picked up Talking Heads - Remain In Light a week ago and have the last Gnod and the new Christian Fitness on the way.

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NY resolution to stop buying things is not going well.
Top six from the RareWaves site. Others from eBay apart from the Post Punk 5 Cd box from Cherry Red(which is amazing - loving post punk at the moment), and the Rough Trade counter culture. Bottom right came with the Yard Act LP.

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(Day / Night by Parcels and Pretzel Logic)

Also picked up Fleuves de L’Ames by Houeida Hedfi and Storm Queen by Grace Cummings. All 4 absolutely excellent :blush:

That Parcels album is so underrated.

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Yep. Completely brilliant and one of the best of the last year. Completely premature evaluation of course but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was kicking around in my favourites list at the end of the decade. Sounds like a real lost classic.

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Is this considered as a LP/cassette thread, as well?

After a long time I ordered CD; Unmother’s debut album (https://unmother.bandcamp.com/album/lay-down-the-sun)

Deep joy at seeing some love for Killdozer tbf