💿 CDs you've bought: 2022 💿

Latest Dublin haul

Have had a digital copy of that Adebisi Shank album on Bandcamp for over a decade (one of my first Bandcamp purchases I think) but couldn’t resist a physical copy, especially as I own the second and third album on CD

Don’t think I’m in Dublin again until April, probably for the best


That Geogaddi looks like it’s in exceptional condition, nice to see. Good finds!

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That Phantastic Furniture album is better than any of Julia Jacklin’s solo albums imo

Good work on the Adebisi debut. Never had a proper physical version, just a copied promo they sent me to review!

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Only listened once so far but you might be right

Today’s finds in Nottingham. Couple of blasts from the past and what I think is a pretty well regarded mix.
The tiny Ivor Cutler poetry books weren’t exactly a bargain but I couldn’t leave them.


Today’s car boot haul was a good one.
Been going for years and I think this is one of the first time I’ve ever found a bunch of Metal/thrash cd’s.

Paid £40 for the job lot. Guessing you wouldn’t get two of these on Vinyl from HMV for £40! My daughter has counted just over 100 titles. Some great, some average, some junk. Now got to catalogue them on Discogs!


Ooof very good haul that. Those Hellacopters albums are slightly out of place but absolute bangers!

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wow some great stuff there. and break the cycle by staind, for some reason

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Is one of the copies of ‘Arise’ a CD single???

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and Wu Chronicles Vol.1!

just reading this thread for the first time

@Icarus-Smicarus no wonder you’re not in the vinyl thread that much given all your posts here :smiley:

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cheap vinyl is an occasional extravagance, this my real home


i’m fully into vinyl this year (much to my financial detriment), but do need to remember CDs too. Either the absolute used £1-£3 bargains or for things that never got a vinyl release/they’re out of reasonable price range

I got:

  • The Men - Open Your Heart (£2.18 posted from eBay on a whim)
  • Beta Band - 3 EPs (£2.30 posted from eBay inspired by the listening thread, and seeing the £100s vinyl prices)
  • Chris Whitley - Terra Incognita (£4.50 posted from Discogs, one of those artists I discovered in my full-Spotify phase, so never had any physical copies of his stuff and there wasn’t even a vinyl release)

also very tempted by The Clean - Anthology 2CD set, since again that was a streaming discovery and the 4LP set is like £50. But I’ve got so used to vinyl prices/used CD prices that going back up to £15-20 for a CD feels outrageous :smiley:

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Tbh £15-20 is a bargain for this set - it’s that good

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Anything Can Happen is really just a perfect song, feels like entire indie pop genres exist because of those two and a half minutes

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Pretty much exactly this, except for the whole first CD from that anthology. Unreal that some of it’s from 1981

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I doubt it makes much difference price wise but the European CD version of their ‘Compilation’ album (with the extra tracks) covers the same ground.

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the only UK based copy of the is £59 :face_with_peeking_eye:

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There is a Sepultura CD single, but it’s ‘Ratamahatta’

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