💿 CDs you've bought: 2022 💿

good work

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That comp was my entry point this year. Great fun

Final acquisitions of 2022? Got some stuff in the mail but won’t have them in hand till the new year, so I guess this it it! Courtesy of Oxfam Music in Ealing:

White Room has the Justified & Ancient maxi single as a 2nd disc. Also I’m pretty sure it’s the US Arista printing with the uhh appropriated crowd noises edited out.
Never had a copy of Frigid Stars on CD, had most of it on a friend-made “saddest songs of all time” mixtape in the 90s.


I’ve been looking at the ‘Ridiculous Music Bargains’ thread and boy is that a misnomer - e.g. £55 for three records. I’m wondering if us CD sickos should have a breakaway thread for 2023?


Would recommend anyone itt who can get to Brighton check out Resident Records’ ‘Change from a Fiver’ cd sale. Best music sale I’ve ever seen but unfortunately you have to go instore because they haven’t listed them on the website. Amazing stuff in there. Loads of Drag City, Not Not Fun, Ty Segal, Oh Sees. I got the Olivia Tremor Control double CD reissues and most of Captured Tracks Flying Nun stuff last time I was in there and had to put loads of others back cos I would have spent too much otherwise. All of it is brand new / sealed. Asked the guy behind the desk how long they’d been doing it and he said a couple of months but that they had loads more stuff to add still. Massively worth the trip if you’re in the area


That sounds like heaven, shame it’s so far away

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Sounds amazing although I’d probably just end up buying Flying Nun stuff I already have to get a few bonus tracks.

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visited my local chazza the other day, to find someone obviously clearing out their (pristine) tori amos collection, and managed to snag little earthquakes and under the pink for a grand total of £4.98. forgot how good they are too, not heard them in years

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Thought it was in this thread but maybe not someone mentioned John Spencer. I was in my local record store and he happened to be in their shopping for records. So I bought a copy of the new album and had him sign it. Sam (quasi) and Bob Bert the other hitmakers were also in the store. They were playing here that night , so ended up going to the show. Unfortunately Janet Weiss wasn’t on this tour ( or in the record store).

Also picked up a copy of l Plastic Fang, the CD packaging is cool.


went to Ilkley at the weekend, which for the uninitiated is where all of bradford’s posh people live, so knew a post-xmas chazza run was needed. managed to get, for under a tenner:
the best of de la soul (two disc thing), fugazi’s ‘instrument soundtrack’ (that was a quid), a toro y moi album from 2010, charlotte gainsbourg’s 5:55 (my old copy going missing, so good to get it again), a david holmes & the free association album, and talk talk’s ‘it’s my life’ (which was a whopping £1.75) oh and a pretty good looking post-punk compilation cd from mojo. good stuff!


Just bought the 2 Opal albums from Amazon.. They were supposed to get reissued 3-4 years ago but the label pulled them at the last minute, after they’d been manufactured. Apparently some copies slipped out, which I wasn’t aware of. I have a cd copy of Early Recordings minus the sleeve/packaging (thanks to a house fire) but this reissue has some bonus tracks. The Happy Nightmare Baby is a straight reissue. Had it on vinyl but lost it in a house fire. Not the cheapest CDs, but they’ll only get more expensive. David Roback really did not want them reissued for whatever reason.

I also recently bought a promo cd copy of Honey Harper’s Universal County ep for 50p on eBay. Have the vinyl but this was cheaper than a download .


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