💿 CDs you've bought: 2022 💿

Very rarely buy CDs these days but got these over the last couple of months;

Main reason I bought the Trail of Dead one is that it contains the Blu-Ray in Quadraphonic.*

*and because I’ve been buying their CDs since the debut and am a completist :slight_smile:


Don’t know a huge amount about them but they’re an Australian band signed to Castle Face so seemed worth a punt. I think @PaintyCanNed is a fan

Different band to THE Orb

Ah think I’ve heard of them before. How confusing!

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edit: wrong thread

Yep no ‘The’ in front

Psych rock band - lots of stoner riffage - on King Gizz’s Flightless label here

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So… I might need some sort of intervention or something. Went on holiday to Oxford last friday. Came back this friday. In that week, I obtained 23 CDs, some from chazzers, some from eBay, some full price and some lovingly pre-owned (Truck Store on Cowley Road is one of my favourite shops in the country), and one gift from an Oxford friend I hadn’t seen in two years thanks to Covid. Now I realise this is not an average week but not going to lie, I’m a bit scared given cost of living and space constraints…

Siouxsie stuff bought in advance of the forthcoming listening club - though Siouxie albums are surprisingly hard to find for a decent price at the moment. Guessing a lot are out of print.


Love that Colin Meloy CD.


Chazza haul of meathead driving music. 10/10.


Two best Fear Factory albums :heart:

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Got really back in to Demanufacture earlier in the year, as a kid had not appreciated how indebted to Godflesh and Killing Joke it is.

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Funnily enough I got back into Killing Joke because I picked up a copy of Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell and thought it sounded like a Fear Factory album, haha. Turnaround very much justified I reckon.

Wydraddear “The Doomwatcher” - Dark ambient/dungeon synth.


In Dublin a few weeks ago:

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Got this John Williams-compilation (Discogs) - 20 CDs for about 30 GBP. And he’s not getting older.

Got this for a pound

There was also a copy of Contra by vampire weekend but unfortunately the disc inside was a CD-R of light jazz classics


i had that solid black Soulfly album back in the day

picked this up on Bandcamp friday. loving it

Which is a reminder to used CD shoppers - always check the inside! I’ve got done on a few scratched CDs and a compilation that didn’t have all the discs. Check before you buy

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Got these in Cardiff last weekend

Got Westing in Spillers Records as I was on a high from seeing them the night before. £7.99 for the nice new cardboard sleeve issue, seemed like a decent enough price for a new reissue compared to a lot of other shops

Found Keaton Henson in Oxfam around the corner, the only decent album in the shop. There was no price on it so I brought it to the till and they had no idea who he was so just asked for 99p. A little bit of sleeve damage but worth it for the price.


Absolutely love Truck Store. Also love its sister store just on the edge of Oxford, can’t remember what it’s called, potentially also Truck Store.

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