💿 CDs you've bought 2023 edition 💿


Silly really as I already own about 5 physical variants of this.


This is the one physical version of this I have! :heart_eyes:

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Hate not having this. My sister lost the first disc. And why isn’t it affordable on vinyl.

The vinyls are very expensive. You can still pick up the cd’s for a pound or two.

Spotted these last week and I’m in full Listening Club mode, so

Was gonna leave Dirty as the disc looked a bit scratched, but took a risk. Plays perfectly as it turns out.


A couple of slightly unnecessary impulse purchases in HMV’s sale box yesterday

I already own the Jay Som album on vinyl (lovely red splatter vinyl at that) so absolutely don’t need to be buying it again. But I listen to CDs far more while WFH and thought it would be a nice way to spend more time with the album. I did enjoy blasting it this morning while it was briefly sunny.

The Kurt Vile one really isn’t one of my favourites he’s done. I only got Bottle It In a few months ago which I much prefer and I’ve not even put that one on much because of the length, so didn’t really need to be adding to that. £3.99 though. I’ve just stuck it on and remembered how much I hate the opening track. Up to Exploding Stones now though which is lovely at least.

That is an extraordinarily high quality haul, particularly the London Xpress cd.

Experimental Jet Set Etc Etc is very underrated IMO, Tokyo Eye being a stunner.

‘It’s not like vinyl where the quality is analog and can’t be replicated digitally’

It would probably blow their mind to learn some CDs are copies of analogue tape, whilst some vinyl is a copy of a digital file.

I’m just glad people like that exist, as it keeps the price of CDs down.


All time classic example of this:


“Most” music is recorded digitally these days so most vinyl is a copy of a digital file really.

Still usually mastered differently to the digital versions

Have we had the CD Junkies feature on 360 degree sound mentioned yet? https://360degreesound.com/category/cd-junkies/


Mastering? What’s etc …

Sorry it’s the final part of the recording process…usually for getting levels and maybe some eq correct and is a great skill in itself.

Albums are usually mastered a bit “hotter” for a digital format with particular attention paid to the bottom end for the vinyl version

Sorry, came over all Som Wardner for a moment…

I don’t think I know what that means

Sorry, My Vitriol in joke, but thank you for your explanation of mastering which I will pass on to the band (I won’t).


From the last couple of weeks. A few charity shop purchases, some from the used bins of local record shops.


Oxfam find today. Check the price tag.

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