Celeb Boxing

Who would you go for?

I’d like to see Nick Knowles vs sean

Bradley Walsh vs Ben Shepherd

Dec vs. Dom & Ant vs. Dick

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Would you take a tag-team bout of Dick and Dec vs Dom and Ant?

So a three way with Dom and Ant as a team? Pretty wild.

Farage vs. someone with extensive boxing training, e.g. a boxer (N.B. not the type of dog)


Dom & Ant would have a massive reach advantage. They can have a tag team in their standard TV pairings

Dom’n’Ant is a great name for their team isn’t it actually. Dick’n’Dec is ok as well.

Piers Morgan v Jeremy Clarkson

French guy out of First Dates vs Dermot O’Leary

eamon holmes and adrian chiles

Milo Yiannopoulos vs 1988 Mike Tyson.


zig n’ zag versus paddington and pooh

Richard Osman vs. Vernon Kay

Adrian Chiles vs Roy Keane actually

Farage vs a viscous bloodthirsty boxer dog


Rutger Hauer vs Simon Le Bon

Thirsty for viscous blood?

A rottweiler would do a better job, I reckon

no it’s a type of liquid dog, do you live under a rock or something


ActuaLOL at this response.