Celeb Thursday - Which Celeb do you see most?

For me it is Jeor Mormont , 997th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch

kevin eldon from game of thrones

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I just rewatched Nighty Night and the actor Kevin Eldon is killed towards the end of series one but the final scene is him waking up from his suffocation. He is not seen or mentioned in season two.

Gary Windass from Corrie

Either this twat

Or this guy

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Nick Cave

Also spotted this guy (Noah Taylor) a fair bit recently - he lives near where the kids’ mum lives in Hove I think

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Was going to mention it when he came up in that other thread but I see Roni Size around quite a bit.

When I went to Norfolk I saw Jake Humphrey in Bewilderwood. (Have you been to Bewilderwood? It is pretty good fun).

Is Krust ever with him?

I have never seen Nighty Night, but I imagine it at least quite good

Does it count if you see them on TV?

He’s everywhere, playing Hitler in Preacher, con in PB2, GoT wrong un.

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I have not, but I have heard that it is worth going to. Thanks for adding to the body of evidence.

There aren’t really any celebrities down here in rural South Devon but when I lived in Bath I saw quite a lot of my semi-famous pal Gareth Campesinos, and we were on a pub quiz team together for a bit.

It is incredibly fucked up and Mark Gatiss’s character is fucking brilliant. It is good and infuriating. Definitely worth watching.

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Reverend Jon McClure, Chris Waddle or Richard Hawley

It’s probably a draw between Bob Mortimer and Barry from Eastenders

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frankie boyle

Used to see Woody, the drummer from British Sea Power, a fair bit.

Edit: possibly not a true celebrity.